Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5 Months

Ryann has hit the 5 month mark. Every month that goes by I always think, "That went by too fast". I just keep telling myself, at least she still likes to cuddle. That makes the growing up a little easier. Ryann is no small baby, I weighed and measured her last Monday...
16 lb 10 oz
25 3/4 inches
I have not been as good at keeping up with the blog, so prepare for the picture overload. Ryann has learned to do SO much this past month. From my last post you know that she finally rolled over. Then Monday she was laying on the floor on her back and was getting frustrated that she wasn't moving. I look up and she had finally gotten herself onto her tummy. She happily stayed that way for a few minutes and I looked up again and she was on her back again! Ryann wants her dogs so crawling will probably not be too far off in the future.
About a month ago Ryann started to grab her toes.
That quickly lead to sucking on her toes
There is nothing like peeking into your babies crib and finding this site...
I was finally able to snatch a picture of her. She would be stirring in her crib and could tell that I had come into her room and wouldn't hold the position long enough for me to get a picture. I have a thumb sucker and blanket girl on my hands. Every morning I find her with her blanket on her cheek, and the best part...a huge grin and a laugh when she sees my face:)
Sitting with dad and Sally
Loving Sally
Ryann LOVES Sally. One Sunday I was in the kitchen and Ryann was in the living room sitting in her Bumbo. I hear Sally yelp and I rush into the living room to find Ryan with a HUGE grin on her face, laughing, and Sally's fluffy ear in her fist. A few minutes later I hear a yelp and see the same situation. Sally can't help herself, she just wants to lick Ryann so she gets close and Ryann loves that there is something to grab. Those two are funny. Sally has started to flinch when she tries to lick Ryann and sees Ryann's hand coming at her. Ryann desperately want to grab Sally but will close her eyes and turn her head because she doesn't want to be licked.
Ryann trying to turn around and look at Sally.
Sally going in for the lick and Ryann going in for the pull
Maggie makes Ryann laugh and luckily Maggie doesn't have long fur for Ryann to get a grip on. The other day my friend's boys came over to play with Sally and brought their Border Collie, Captain. We took Maggie and Captain outside to play and Ryann could not stop laughing at them. It was adorable.
Sally and Captain with Cooper. Cooper loves Sally. He always comes over with a pocket full of treats for her. He tried really hard to let his mom let him take her home but in the end we told him that he could come play with Sally when ever he wanted too.
Ryann's Grandma Greene got her her first doll. Ryann's favorite part are the pigtails which she loves to chew and suck. She also enjoys licking her face. What can I say, Ryann explores her world right now with her tongue.
We are chewing on everything. Her own fingers, my fingers...whatever she can get a hold of.
Ryann of course needed a pumpkin for her first Halloween...which ended up in me buying 3. The dogs were actually pretty interested in the pumpkins too and were trying to eat the stems. While taking pictures of Ryann and her pumpkins, Maggie wanted in on the action and I caught this adorable picture...
By pure luck I caught that but now it is one of my favorite pictures.
I should have skipped feeding Ryann rice cereal and gone straight to vegetables. We tried squash first and she couldn't get enough of it! I was really shocked that she took to it. We have since tried carrots and she liked it but not as much as squash.
First taste of squash. This face was then followed by a big open mouth wanting more.
Trying carrotsMoments like this have disappeared in the last couple of weeks. Ryann has started to take fewer and fewer short 20-30 minute naps, to the point napping has become almost non existent. She will fall asleep but the second she can sense a position change she wakes up. The past week I have just started putting her in her crib when I can tell she is tired. I turn on her music mobile, it runs for 20 minutes, and figure if she is still fussing and awake when that is done she can get out. So far she has fallen asleep within 5 or 10 minutes of being in her crib and will sleep for at least an hour. This only works once a day but at least one good nap makes the rest of the day a little more pleasant for me. But anything is still worth the trade off for her to continue to sleep through the night, geez I'm a lucky mommy.
I love Ryann's beautiful blue eyes, long lashes and cute smile. I just can't get enough of them. I get lots of compliments on her eyes, they are so big and blue how could you miss them. But even when she cries, I still love her. So I leave you with these pictures and will try to be better about posting but if I'm not it's because I am too busy playing with Ryann, spending time with Clint, and scratching some furry bellies.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roll Over

Ryann did it! She finally rolled over. I happened to be taking pictures with my phone camera of how far she was going onto her side. She was reaching for her butterfly toy, then she just did it. She rolled all the way over! She seemed happy that she had reached her toy and not too surprised about her position change. Now I can see that she is getting frustrated with not being able to get what she wants. Funny how that one movement that one time has changed her perspective on her world.

Going for it...
halfway there...DID IT!!!