Monday, February 14, 2011


Ryann's first time in the pool, hanging out with daddy.
She did pretty good and didn't cry for two long.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

8 Months

Since Ryann is almost 9 months old, I figured I probably should do an update on 8 months.
19 lb 11 oz
28 in
She has learned that I am always putting bows on her headbands so she pulls them off. She will leave the headband on but gets the bow off to chew on. Hence the flower in her hair and the one sitting next to her. I did manage to get the flower out of her mouth for the picture by giving her a diaper wipe instead. She still loves paper.
Ryann is my little talented girl. She can click her tongue, whistle, and wave. Yup, she whistles. It is the cutest thing. She gets her lips just right and blows. It's a really quiet sound and she rarely does it, but I love it.
Trying a sipping cup.
Ryann has her two bottom front teeth in. She is also getting in the teeth next to the bottom front ones too. Her tooth just to the side of where her front teeth would be just broke through a few days ago. This girls is sprouting teeth like crazy! Needless to say she is a drooling, snotty, chewing machine these days. Everything is good to chew on....including Maggie's rawhide. To be fair though, the dogs do try to steal Ryann's toys sometimes so it's only fair she get a taste of the bone too:)
I have caught them bringing Ryann another toy so that they can take the one she is playing with. Ryann loves her dogs more with each passing day. Sally has learned that she can play with Ryann. She will bring her a toy, let her grab on to it and play tug-o-war with her. It's so cute. Sally does the whole growl and tug, Ryann is cracking up laughing cause she loves to interact with the dogs so much. When Sally pulls the toy of her Ryann's hands she will bring it back to her and play again. One of these days maybe I'll get a video of it.
Don't you just want to go get a cookie right now?