Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All Girl

It is amazing how little boys can just turn everything into a gun and little girls can be so motherly without any one ever showing them these things.
Ryann has started to show her girly side.
She loves to put things in bags and buckets and carry them around.
Ryann will wrap her dolls up in blankets, or anything that is close to a blanket like a towel or washcloth (as seen above).
She will rock them in her rocking chair too...good thing they aren't real or they would have whiplash from it.
I looked in the back seat to find her giving her doll a bottle.
Since then she will share her drinks and food with her dolls. I caught her just today taking her stuffed bear and giving it a drink in the dog water bowl. The other day I caught her giving her Minnie Mouse doll a bath in the dog water bowl. We have had a few meals where she wouldn't eat unless her "bebe" (baby) was with her. She calls all her stuffed dolls, animals, and silky blankets bebe.
Carefully put her her bebes in the stroller and then...
pushing her bebes around.
Ryann put her toys, drink, and food on the car and then pushed it around the kitchen.
She has loved to dump out my make up bag for awhile
But she recently figured out how to open the cases....
and decided she needed to put makeup on too.
She is wearing my dark brown eye shadow on her cheek and chin.
Doesn't she look so pretty?

Ryann and Sally

Ryann figures that if Sally can sit in the window, then she should be able to too.
Letting Sally take a lick of the bottle
Kissing Sally
Hugging Sally
Tasting Sally/pulling on her ear
Hanging out on the back porch with Sally

At Ryann's Grandma Greene's house she has another love....
this plastic pull along puppy. She loves it. It may be hard plastic but she still will snuggle it and kiss it and wrap it up in a blanket (hand towel) and carry it around. By far her favorite toy at grandma's.
She doesn't quite get that the string is there to pull it around.

Scrapbook Overnighter

In October I went out with a couple friends to Salt Lake for my first Scrapbook Overnighter. My friend Nicole has been going for years and invited me and Mary to come along. It went from 5pm Friday to 5pm Saturday. It was so much fun. I won the award for staying up the latest, I was up till 4am. I would have stayed up longer but my friends left me to go to bed and it just wasn't fun all by myself.
I got so many cards made and even made a few scrapbook pages, which is a new thing for me to do.
Me making my first scrapbook page EVER!
Mary and her sister Trudy
They took up the whole table with all their stuff
Nicole's daughter Shelby
There was a contest for best pajamas.
Trudy, Nicole, and Mary in their Halloween pjs
This lady won the contest. Onesie pajamas complete with butt flap. There was no beating that!
Lunch at Texas Roadhouse
Left side of the table: Trudy, Mary, me
Right side of the table: Shelby, Nicole
I had a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to going again next year!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to Properly Sit Down

How to Properly Sit Down-According to Ryann
Step One-Put your hands on the floor with your bottom high in the air.
Step Two-Look between your legs to get a good view of the surface you want to sit down on.
Step Three: Carefully lower yourself down to sit on the surface.
Good Job! You sat down!
Yup, our little Ryann has a pretty unique way of sitting down. I have watched her do it a million times and it still makes me laugh.

Anything or anywhere is a good place to sit.
Ryann thinks her Grandma Greene bought this cabinet just for her to sit in.
She loves to sit on her walk and ride dinosaur, especially since it has a place for her Tylenol...
and her toothbrush.
Of course a box is always good to sit on too.
Ryann's world is just full of seats that are begging her to back up and sit on...even if it is sitting inside the dog bowl.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Pictures by Mindy

We did Halloween pictures with Mindy again this year. Ryan was a puppy, but she HATED to wear her hat. I stuffed my pockets full of treats and with a sucker in each hand we got a few shots where she wasn't screaming and trying to pull off her hat. I will look back at these pictures and just laugh every time I see them. They truly captured how she felt about this costume.
The pictures were all so cute...and funny...that I couldn't just pick a few to post, so enjoy all the pictures that Mindy took.

Notice who has the sucker
We also did some pictures with Ryann's friend Maycee.

How cute are these two!
Happy Halloween!