Monday, September 24, 2012

Girls Camp-Friday July 13th

 Friday morning we loaded up the truck and trailer and headed home.
Good-bye cabin 2C, you were great to Vernal 9th ward.
It was a great week and I hope I get the opportunity to go again next year.

Girls Camp-Thursday July 12th

Happy 29th Birthday to me!
This year I got to celebrate my birthday at Girls Camp again. Luckily one of the leaders had a cell phone that worked in our cabin so I called Clint and his mom to wish them a happy birthday too.
My birthday was not short on beautiful views to start off my morning.
 This year instead of awarding a "Spirit Stick" to the ward with the most spirit, they had an Olympic torch. Each ward had a day that they would receive the torch and a gift from the ward they got it from. We got the torch Thursday morning, along with an apple and cherry pie.
 Marinn and Mindy catching some shade under the torch.

After morning roll call and devotional we had our Olympic Games.
 There was quite the variety of games. A lot of the games were inspired by the ward's country.
 This game the girls had to pick pasta up with a straw and walk over to the bucket and drop it in, all without using their hands.
Amelia with her straw loaded with pasta.
 Javelin throw
 This game one person was blindfolded with a bucket. Everyone else had rocks that they were trying to drop in the bucket. Object is to not get any rocks in your bucket.
The girls had to carry water in a bowl on their head and then dump it into the next person's bowl.
Syree catching the water.
 Syree passing off the water to Marinn.
 Amelia catching the water.
This game there were things hidden in the dirt. The girls had to take their walking sticks and find the hidden prizes.
 This game was entertaining to watch. One girl stood behind the other and applied makeup.
 Syree getting her makeup put on.
 So pretty
 After the makeup relay, the girls had to try to eat M&Ms with chopsticks. Amelia was really good at this.
The best game was our wards game. We had the girls play Topfschlagen.
It is a game played among German kids where one person crawls around, blindfolded, beating a spoon on the ground trying to find the pot, which has candy under it. The teammates yell Heisst (hot) and Kalt (cold) to direct them where to go.
Last year Mindy and I did a relay that I beat her in, so we decided to do a rematch. I apparently picked a bad team because they directed me to the wrong pot so Mindy beat me but it was just by a couple seconds.

That afternoon we had skits. Our ward did almost the whole skit in German.
 Lori starting the "lawn mower". It just needed a big "jerk" to get it started.
 The YCLs had commercials in between each skit. They were hilarious!

After skits came...
 BIRTHDAY CAKE! Aleshia came up Tuesday and brought a birthday cake with her. I had Happy Birthday sang to me a lot, I was sang more versions of Happy Birthday than I knew existed.
 I decided the piece of cake right in the middle was the one I wanted.
 During ward time Aubrey certified the girls in First Aid. Aleshia made an excellent choking victim while Aubrey demonstrated the Heimlich maneuver.
 This year was the 100th year of Girls Camp. In celebration of that we were encouraged to do 100 acts of service. The box on the left with leaves contained 100 pom-poms when we started. With each act of service we put a pom-pom in the jar on the right. By Thursday we achieved 100 acts of service!

Thursday night members of the Bishopric came up from each ward. We were lucky to have Bishop Mills and Brother Mathis come up.
 Brother Mathis, Bishop Mills
Mindy, Carrie, Aleshia, Nicole, Amelia, Aubrey
Marinn, Shae, Syree

Everyone was give a medal at the beginning of camp that had a list of the requirements for their year in camp to get their camp certification. When all the requirements were marked off you turned your medal around to show the YWs torch. During our ward time on Thursday all the girls finished their requirements, earning their medals.
 For our roll call we marched up to the front humming the Olympic theme song...
 then we flipped our medals around and...
 hummed the national anthem as we kissed and showed off our medals (just like the Olympians do when they win). We had fun with it.

Group Pictures
 The YCLs and Lori
The Stake Leaders
 The YCLs and all the stake leaders
 Our ward showing off our flag.
 The YCLs showing off their flag.

That night was ward testimony meeting. Usually we do testimonies around a fire, but we were not allowed to have any fires this year. Instead we took our lanterns we had made for the camp craft and set them around the fire pit. The fake flickering tea lights were the perfect effect for a peaceful night.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Girls Camp-Wednesday July 11

 Wednesday was hike day! But first you have to start off every day with a good breakfast. We were in charge of breakfast for Wednesday. Mindy had the brilliant idea of doing oatmeal. It turned out to be super easy and we got lots of compliments for it. We had a ton of different toppings for everyone to choose from and there were only a small handful of people that didn't like it. I think it was the most liked breakfast of the week, way to go Mindy!
 Since we were at one of the smaller campsites this year we didn't have a big kitchen to cook in. Nothing like cooking for a couple hundred people on two camp chefs.
Mindy, Shae, and Syree cooking the oatmeal.

The longest hike belongs to the 2nd years, it is supposed to be a 5 mile hike. Carrie and I went on the 2nd year hike, Mindy and Aleshia took the 1st year hike. We wanted to make sure we had leaders with all our girls.
 Hiking up the hill.
 Wonderful YCLs leading the hike
 The hike was gorgeous. This camp is just so peaceful and beautiful. There were SOOO many butterflies everywhere.
We stopped for lunch at Legacy Lake. It started to sprinkle so we didn't stop to eat for too long. As we made our way back to the trail we hear all the girls screaming. The leaders are all in the back thinking, bug? maybe a snake? Never in a million years would I have every guessed that this is what they were screaming about...
 That would be a snake wrapped around a chipmunk. Apparently it was in the middle of the trail but when the girls got close they startled it and the snake let go of its meal, but quickly grabbed the chipmunk by the head. Yes, the girls saw the snake re-catch the chipmunk.
 The snake moved down more into the long grass, with the yummy chipmunk head stuck in it's mouth. I stood on the side of the trail by the snake and had the girls pass on the far side. It was far enough off the trail after being startled that we passed without any trouble. That was a once in a lifetime experience.
When we got back to the cabin I noticed we got back at the same time as the 1st years. That couldn't be right, we went on a 5 mile hike and theirs was supposed to be about 2 miles. When Mindy got home she figured out that the hikes were both about 3 miles, the 1st year hike actually being just ever so slightly longer.

After hikes we got to do a craft, we made lanterns. The craft was going to be used in the spiritual activity later that night.
 Here we are, one good looking group.
Left side: Shae, Aleshia, Marinn, Carrie
Right side: back of Amelia's head..she wouldn't let me take a picture of her

We had a little bit of time until the girls had to be at certification so Amelia laid down to take a nap.
 When it was time to get up, we could not get her to wake up. Shae, the loving sister that she is, decided she would jump on her to wake her up.
 Shae jumped on her and she still didn't wake up. Now that is one heavy sleeper.

For certification that girls had to tie a square knot, waterproof matches, demonstrate water purification, and build a fire. The girls learned all the skills and then they did a relay race.
 Marinn tying a square knot with Lori.
Waterproofing matches
 Water purification.
They had to add the "water purification" tablet (aka-breath mint) to the water, strain the "dirt" (aka-Oreos) out of the water with a cloth, then...
 drink the "clean" water.
 Building the fire.
 Syree's turn

 Mindy playing with Model Magic.
 Mindy's beautiful sculpture.
Left my camera unattended and I got a picture of it.