Monday, May 30, 2011

12 Months

At Ryann's one year check up she was...
21 lb 13 oz
28 1/2 in
Ryann still isn't walking but a few times she has pushed away from what ever she was holding on to and stood up by herself for a few seconds. She doesn't lack bravery, she just lacks the motivation to want to walk. I am going to Girl's Camp in July so she has to walk before then, otherwise I will be telling her Grandma and Grandpa Greene to push her down so I don't miss those first steps.
She still has just 6 teeth but I can tell she is teething again. I think it might be molar from the way her gums look.
Ryann has to investigate everything that I am doing. She helps in her own special way.
I put the clothes in the dryer, she pulls them out. Our dryer has a clear front and if she is next to it when I start it she will watch it.
Helping me clean out the fridge. Sally waiting patiently by for something good to come her way.
Ryann loves what ever someone else has, this includes what the dogs have. The other day she grabbed the ball Maggie was chewing on.
Then Maggie would steal it back and Ryann would fuss. Then Ryann would steal it back and the cycle would continue.
This is Ryann's excited face. It has a cute little noise with it too, she just blows air in and out of her mouth. I love it!
Our daily make a mess in the dog food and water activity. She will usually get a piece in her mouth and then continue to pull out the rest from the bowl. She has also learned to splash in the water bowl. This has also included dumping the two bowls together. So much fun for Ryann. I'm getting better at remembering to put up a barricade, but just today Ryann watched Sally go under the chairs and she figured out how to go under the chair too. I'm going to have to come up with a new barricade.
Hanging out under the table with Sally
My little cookie monster
Ryann's new car. She loves this car! She sits in it with her hands on the steering wheel and loves to be pushed.
Ryann's Grandma Greene got her a Little People doll house that she loved so much I took her money from her Great Grandma Bird and got her a farm. She loves her people and animals. She is starting to figure out all the doors and buttons that make noise.
It is funny to watch her crawl around with the hard plastic figures in her hands.
Ryann may like the 4 wheeler but she HATES wearing her helmet.
The bright colors and noises of the TV have always caught Ryann's attention. This time when I turned on a show for her she got so excited about it she crawled over to the TV and was waving and banging on the TV stand.
Looking out the back door

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Temple Square

I have now been in the Young Women's program for almost a year. I can remember being nervous when I was first called as the secretary but saying yes with faith that this was what I was supposed to do. Then a couple months ago I was called as the First Counselor. As they set me apart I can remember being given the blessing to be able to balance the things in my life. The Lord truly knows our thoughts because I had been continually overwhelmed with everything I had to do in my life. Looking back over these past couple of months I don't have those feelings quite as much. I find that the stress in my life seems to usually just come from work. The church part of my life just happens and doesn't seem to take from anything. There is still plenty of time do what ever else needs to be done.
This past weekend I had the opportunity to grow even closer to some of the Young Women. Mindy, the YW President and my wonderful photographer friend, and I took 6 of our girls to Temple Square. We left Friday after they got out of school and stayed at Mindy's parent's house. We were very impressed with the girls that they put themselves to bed at a reasonable hour and were ready when we told them we would be leaving. Saturday we spent most the day walking around Temple Square. We have such wonderful girls with such sweet spirits. I could see them feeling the spirit and truly taking in what was around them.
Mckenley, Savanah, Aubry, Sara, Marinn, and Syree (across everyone's lap)
Me, Mindy, and our girls
While at Temple Square we got a tour of the Joseph Smith Building, we to the Family History Center, saw the Joseph Smith movie, went to the Beehive House, Assembly Hall, the Tabernacle, and Visitor Centers. When we were right by the Temple the girls were all constantly commenting on all the brides and their dresses.
At the Family History Center they took this photo for us.
Sara doing genealogy
Of course the girls had to explore the toys in the Family History Center
Cooking up something good for their leaders
Savanah giving Sara a push in her first car
I love the flowers at Temple Square

Our girls in front of the Temple
Sara, Aubrey, Savanah, Syree, Marinn, Mckenley

At the Tabernacle we notice that there were post going right in the middle of some of the seats, so of course the girls had to try sitting in the seat.
The last thing we did was go inside the gates and walk right around the Temple. Mindy and had us all actually put our hands on the the stone of the Temple and had the girls image themselves getting married in the temple. It was so wonderful to see them feel the spirit and take in the inspiring sights around us. It comforts me to see that they can be strong and true to their faith even in these times.
Me and Mindy

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jackson and McKay

Shortly after getting back from Texas, Levi and Jenny came out with my nephews-Jackson and McKay.
Buddies reunited-McKay and Ryann
Jackson and McKay playing with the bubble machine
We got together with Joyce and her grandkids and had an Easter egg hunt at Great Grandma and Grandpa Stewart's house.
Porter, McKay and Macie going for a 4 wheeler ride.
Lined up and ready to hunt for eggs!
Porter and Macie

The kids checking out their finds
Ryann enjoying a marshmallow from her egg.
Macie and her Nana-Joyce
Swimming at the Rec Center
Yup Jenny-I stole from your blog:)
The day they left we had a lunch with all the family that could come. There were chocolate cupcakes which resulted in...
adorable chocolate mustaches
Brad winning over Ryann with a chocolate cupcake
The way to this girl's heart is through food
I can't wait till we get to see you guys again!