Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ryann Reads Curious George

How lucky am I to have such a wonderful friend that is such a talented photographer! Mindy has once again captured a special moment . Ryann loves books and Mindy has captured that love.
I love how she carefully turns the page and it looks like she is actually reading the book.
She is making her "oih, oih, oih" noise, which means she wants something.
Ryann wanted all 3 books in the bucket with her.
This one, where you can just see her eyes above the books, is one of my favorite pictures.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinner on the Mountain

A couple Sunday's ago, Ryann and I tagged along with Clint's parents to have dinner on the mountain with some of their friends.

There were 8 puppies up there and Ryann was in HEAVEN!
She loved it until one scratched her face.
But back over by where we were sitting one kept wandering over and loved being by Ryann. Ryann of course was not going to turn down attention from a puppy. The puppy was so good with her, even when she grabbed both its ears and pulled. She was soft at first, but got rougher the longer he stuck around.
Ryann enjoyed crawling around in the dirt and didn't mind getting dirty.
She was fascinated with all the things that she could pick up, but not too happy no one would let her eat them.
Ryann had a chair for herself...
but she liked to do this and...
and this more than just sit in the chair.
Ryann loves cup holders and she found one on my chair so she helped me pull my camera case out and put it back in the cup holder.
I know this pictures is a little blurry but I love the look on her face that I caught.
We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn for dinner. Ryann ate a whole hot dog and a slice of cheese! I was so surprised at how much she ate and how much she loved the hot dog.
She got to try some corn on the cob.
She would not put her corn down. She didn't get too much off it, but enough for her to know it was good.
She then got some zucchini bread for dessert but of course the corn could not be put down. She got a drink from Grandma and still wouldn't let go of her food.
After this she was tired and let us know it was time to go home.
Ryann's little face was so dirty, the picture doesn't do it justice.
We had a lot of fun, especially Ryann.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trash Eater

All I did was walk back into my bedroom to change into my skirt. I walked back up front to find this...
I quickly realized that she was eating the tops of the strawberries I had just cut off. Luckily I had cut the tops off and put them back in the plastic container before I put them in the trash.
She was feeding herself and sharing with Sally. I guess my girl really likes strawberries!
(I took these pictures and then put the trash can up so she couldn't get into it.)

After this incident the trash can now also goes on top of the table, along with the dog food and water, if she shows the slightest interest in checking out the contents.

Mommy's Little Helper

Ryann knows just what cabinets and drawers have latches on them. She will goes to the ones that she knows she can get into. I usually just laugh at what she has done and try to snap a picture.
I forgot to put the baby lock back on the handles and Ryann helped herself right to the contents behind the doors. She loves the boxes because they slide across the floor when she pushes them while she crawls.
The latch on this drawer had broken and after she did this mess, I sure fixed it pretty quick. Not only did she pull all the boxes of bags out, she also pulled all the bags out of the boxes. She does these things so quick there is always a huge mess in just the blink of an eye.

The next set of pictures you will notice she is in the same outfit for all of them. This is because she did all of these things the same afternoon. She was keeping me busy with her trail of destruction.
I cannot load or empty the dishwasher while Ryann is on the floor. She "helps" me, so I end up loading everything twice or having to put it back in the dishwasher to wash again.
At least these are dirty dishes.
After the silverware, she will try to pull out the racks and see what she can unload for me there.

She figured out that her arm will still fit in the drawer even with the latch.
She just had to be careful and not lean on the drawer because then she would pinch her arm in the drawer. It still didn't stop her from pulling out her bibs.
She figured out that there isn't a latch on the cabinet that Clint keeps his shoes in.
At least she was cute and tried to put on his shoe.

Get the Food in my Belly

Sometimes the way Ryann eats just cracks me up.
If I attempt to feed her, on a very rare occasion, it still takes three spoons. When I just let her do it herself she has found that it is easier to just dip the spoon in and lick the yogurt off.

She's happy with the result.

I got a shaved ice and put some in a bowl for Ryann. I was eating mine and when I looked back to check on her I found her like this...

Not only is her face in the bowl, she was trying to lick the melted ice out of the bowl.
Maybe she is spending too much time with the dogs.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chairs and Climbing

Ryann knows how to relax. For her there is nothing better than a bottle and her silky blanket. But for those times when she has more energy, everything becomes a chair or a tool to step up on to reach the treasures above her head.
Sitting in a box
But it is much more fun to sit in the box with mommy's gym bag and pull it apart.
Her toys are chairs
She even sat on the carpet cleaner while I was cleaning out the dirty water tank.
Ryann really loves to slouch and relax in the chairs on Grandma and Grandpa Greene's back patio.
One of Ryann's all time favorite places to climb into and sit is the laundry basket. With or with out clothes, does not matter. If it is on the floor she gets into it. She also has started insisting that she have her toothbrush. When we go into the bathroom she will reach for it and make her I want it noise.
For whatever reason she put the box of wipes in the laundry basket and climbed in with a toy in each hand.
Ryann loves to sit on step stools. I have left this one up against the couch so she can climb up on the couch herself and she doesn't have to always fuss at me to pick her up.
Then she realized that not only could she sit on the step stool, she could also push it around and reach things on the counter tops.
She also used to enjoy sitting under the table on the foot rest...
well now she is trying, unsuccessfully, to climb onto the chairs from the foot rest. You might soon come over to my house and find all my chairs turned around backwards if this continues.
When attempts at climbing on the chairs failed, she went for the stools...
this took ended with her getting stuck but she has found a new use for the stools...
she figured out she could push them around the kitchen. I have a feeling she will soon be climbing on them.
Geez, I'm really in for it!