Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 vet visits, 4 vomits, and 1 suspicious yellow puddle

In the past three weeks I have gone to the vet three times. First it was for Sally's broken toenail. The next week I took Sally in to get her nails trimmed and to have a lump on Maggie's leg looked at, which turned out to be scar tissue. The vet said the lump was either scar tissue or a BB. We haven't taken Maggie out near any BB guns and nobody better have been shooting at our dog, so we are assuming it is scar tissue. Then this week I had to take Maggie to the vet. We took the dogs up the mountain on Monday. They were riding in the bed of the truck and apparently some paint thinner spilled. We didn't notice till we stopped and immediately took the dogs to a puddle and washed off their paws. We are pretty sure they stepped in it. Maggie acted fine Tuesday but when I woke up Wednesday she was licking her paws. I tried putting dog anti-itch cream on it but by the time I got home she was not even walking on her paw. Into the vet we go again. The vet couldn't find anything in her paw but could see that she was starting to lick her paw raw. He sent us home with a steroid cream, anti-inflammatory/pain pills, and a cone to keep her from licking it. Maggie is NOT happy with me. Last night we put a dog shoe on her foot, well I woke up in the morning and she had chewed it off. Before I went to work today she got another shoe on her foot and the cone around her neck. We will see if everything survived while we were at work. Maggie will be extra happy to see Clint today since she is so mad at me.

The vomit...I woke up this morning and within three hours had cleaned up three piles of vomit. We think either the pain pill upset Maggie's stomach or when she chewed off the shoe she licked the steroid cream and that upset her. The fourth pile luckily made it outside. Then I walked into the guest bedroom and found a suspicious dried yellow puddle...either Sally or Terminator pee, not enough to be Maggie's. That was sure a fun morning.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I went crazy

I have no idea what came over me...I think I must have had a mental break down or something along those lines. See how flat that center flower bed is...well it didn't used to be that way. It used to be a hill of dirt. Clint and I have wanted to get it leveled out and move the dirt to the flower bed next to the house to raise that. Clint was going to get a wheelbarrow and do it but I got to it first, without a wheelbarrow. I went to Lowes and they have 6 pack of flowers on sale for $0.99, and they weren't half dead. I couldn't pass up flowers that cheap so I bought 7 packs. I went to plant them and thought, what is the point of planting them when we are just going to move the dirt around. I went and got my 5 gallon bucket out and a shovel and started digging up the dirt. It felt really good to do all that hard work and it was totally worth it. I love looking outside and seeing how nice it looks. I ended up with two blisters on my right hand, burned shoulders and a burnt lower back. My shirt came up a little in the back from all the bending over and I have a burn right there. I didn't even realize it till I got in the shower and saw the little strip of red lower back. It took me about three hours to do it all and get the flowers planted. Now just to get the dogs not to run through the flower...which may just be impossible, so I'll have to enjoy them before they get smashed.

Can you tell anything different about my dinning room?
Clint and I were finally able to get the dryer out of the dinning room that has been there since we moved in. We had some friends buy a house and did not have a washer or a dryer. We got our new washer and so we needed to find a home for both of them and they were more than willing to take them off our hands. We can finally get to our hot water heater. Also I put a strong positive vote for the new Whirlpool Cabrio. That is what we got and it is super nice and really quiet. It's like a front loader except it loads on the top. Unlike the front loader, it doesn't spin all over the place. I definetly suggest the Cabrio to anyone who is looking at a new washer.

There is Terminator helping himself to the dog food. We find him at least once a day with his face in the dog food. The vet told me not to worry about it when I took him in for shots, just to keep the dogs out of the cat food. Little T just thinks he is a dog. He has even started sleeping with us on our bed.

Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day yesterday!! I love you Dad! I can't wait to see you.
There is this years card. The DAD is cut out of paper with cars on it, you can't really tell in the picture too well. Thank goodness for my once monthly craft night with my work friends otherwise I might not get any cards made. Hope all you dad's out there had a good day.
Clint and I had his parents and his grandparents over for dinner. I made Schnitzel and a Pampered Chef Baked Alaska cake. It was all very good. Plus we had just gotten a new kitchen table Saturday, so we got to break it in for our Father's Day dinner. Now we can sit 6-8 at our table instead of 4 cramped together. Picture to come later of the new table.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tripod and a ladder

Poor Sally, she is a three legged dog. Wednesday she was outside playing with Maggie and Maggie rolled her. She hit our cement curbing just right and she broke a nail down at the base. Of course the quick was bleeding like crazy and she was crying. Clint held her down and I put a good pressure wrapping on her. I don't know how to treat a dog, but I know how to treat a person, so I treated her that way. It was bleeding way too much to try any of the QuickStop stuff that I would normally use if I just cut her nail too short. I took her to the vet the next day to at least get the nail trimmed off and then whatever else they felt they needed to do. The vet cleaned it up and turns out that it was still hanging on pretty good so they didn't cut it. Sally was pretty upset over the whole ordeal and she pooped on the table while he was cleaning it up her foot. The vet put her on an antibiotic and pain pills. If the nail keeps breaking and doesn't heal then they will have to surgically remove the nail. So far it has been going good. She does tend to walk on three paws when she is outside or going up or down stairs. She's our little tripod or we call her Hobbles too.
Maggie has learned a new trick. She can climb up the ladder. Clint put a ladder next the fence and jumped over. Maggie's total want and need for him made her make a few steps up it. She didn't get more than a couple steps off the ground with her back feet. Then I got behind her and moved her paws up one step and then she did the rest herself and jumped over the fence. We now just have to be sure not to leave any ladders up. I really think it was her total devotion to Clint that encouraged her to do it.

Clint bought me an early birthday present. He got me a new bike. It's a Trek Navigator 2.0, that's a picture of it. I love it. I have just been riding one of his old mountain bikes and he took that back for him to ride around town on. He just took me to the bike store and had me sit on a couple bikes he knew I had been eyeing. I liked this one the best and next thing I know he is buying it for me and a green water bottle. I love you Clint! Thanks you, I love my bike!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The After Party

I stayed over at Stephanie's which of course means I got to help open and play with all the new toys. I will forever be hearing the voice of Harley's My Little Pony doll say, "Thank you for wiping my nose." That was definitely her favorite toy and happened to be the saying that she got the pony to say most. What 5 year old does not get make up for her birthday...and who is ever crazy enough to let them put it on them. Well of course Harley got a couple makeup sets and I let myself be the willing model to let her try it all out.

I think she captured Mimi from the Drew Carey show look just perfectly for me.

Happy Birthday Harley

I spent this past weekend out in Orem for my friend's 5yr old's birthday party. It was a day of pink, purple, and Dream Castle Barbie. I loved it and getting to see my friends.
Happy Birthday Harley!!!

Mariah, Stephanie, and Me

The Princess Party

Harley picked out the cake by herself. She had great taste.
It was the best Barbie cake I've ever had.

Pinata time!
Harley taking her turn, Boston (Mariah's girl) stole the bat whenever it was free, but my favorite has to be the picture of Roman (Mariah's boy). Look at the determination and want in that little boy's body.

The present I made for Harley. I bought the wood letters and then painted, glued, sprayed, and sparkled them all myself.