Thursday, February 18, 2010

24-26 weeks

For all of you who want to see the belly picture there it is. That is me at 26 weeks. I swear it feels bigger than it looks in that picture.
Last Monday I had my 24 weeks appointment. All went well, weight gain and growth all fine. I had my appointment in the morning so I went ahead and did my glucose test at the same time, that was not quite as good. My fasting sugar was 100 then I drank the yummy Lemon-Lime drink, taste 7-Up with too much sugar. I waited my hour and then rechecked my sugar...231!?! The cut off for Gestational Diabetes is 135, so I was almost 100 points over. I got my referral to go see the Diabetic Educator and went home and scheduled my appointment like a good patient. I saw her the next day, I figure with a sugar that high I didn't want to put it off long at all. That had to have been the most boring and pointless hour of my life. The lady knew I worked as a nurse over at Basin Clinic and even recognized that she had talked to me early that day calling on someones labs, but she still took me through the process of how to check my blood sugar! I ran my own Glucose test, I check blood sugars all day, I could not believe she showed me how to check my blood sugar. I was glad I went so I could get my Glucometer and have where my blood sugar ranges should be written down for me to see, but other than that it was a waste. She gave me a food pyramid and talked about what I should eat, but I had figured that out all on my own. I scheduled my follow up appointment with her for the following Monday but ended up calling and cancelling. There wasn't anything else she could do for me that I could have done at the clinic.
So far things are pretty good. I've cut out all the cookies and cake and my maybe one coke a week. I've gone to Skinny Cow and Weight Watchers ice cream and sugar free candy when I need to satisfy my sweet tooth, or grapes and strawberries. I eat quite a bit of fruit now. My noon and dinner sugars are right down where they need to be. My morning sugars are borderline normal. I took my blood sugar book to my OB doctor on Tuesday and had him look over them and had a few questions to ask him. I stepped on the scale that morning and had a 3 lbs weight loss, this is not the time to be losing weight, and I noticed my pulse has always been running over 100, my finger tips are even more numb that a week ago, what can I say I felt like I was falling apart and needed someone to tell me I was okay.
I'm so glad I work in the same office as my OB doctor. Since my thyroid is normal he's not worried about my pulse. There is nothing to do for my numb finger tips, basically it's pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. It wouldn't be so horrible to deal with but when you already feel like you are falling apart it can just be that last straw. My weight loss he says is good since it is just from changing how I eat. We have to keep watching my morning sugars and see how they do with some workout added in, but for now I get to avoid being put on medication.
That afternoon I got my belly support band I ordered so I have now started a 30 minute workout in the morning.
So I'm not falling apart and things are going good so far. For all of you who have passed your Glucose Test be happy. I was okay with being pregnant and I still am but I am definitely feeling more like I am ready to get this over with now.

I finished Ryann's quilt and took it to a girl I work with that has a quilting machine. She put that design in it for me. Brown thread on the bottom and green thread on top, a heart and flower pattern.

I love my dogs

Who needs a cat when their dogs can do this... SURPRISE for me when I walked out of the bedroom.

Last month we went down to St. George with a couple friends to escape the cold and snow. It was quite hard to have to come back to it. This is the only picture I took while we were there. We drove by this house a few times and I though it was funny. My favorite is the stork with the frog in its mouth.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Have you ever..

Have you ever been locked out of the house? Have you ever been locked out of the house by a dog? Well I have. Saturday I was out shoveling the little snow we had gotten over night. I had Maggie outside with me for a while but had to put her back inside when the man who shovels the sidewalks with his riding lawnmower got close. I don't worry about her and Sally being inside alone while I shovel because they just look at me out the window. Well the man came by and I could hear Maggie messing with the door to pull it open. When I was done I went to go back inside and the door was locked. Maggie had flipped the dead bolt in the process of trying to pull the door open. Luckily I had my cell phone in my pocket and could call Clint's mom to bring me our spare key. While I was waiting I could hear Maggie messing with the door and I kept checking to see if she had unlocked the door. When Clint's mom got the house I went to use the key and she had unlocked the door in the meantime. Don't think there are too many people who can say their dog locked them out of the house...but now I can.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sneaky Sally

I have been greatly underestimating Sally's intelligence lately. Maggie is so smart and good at problem solving, the things that Sally does I over look. Well, the other day I was in the living room and Maggie was stealing things from Sally as usual. Sally walked over to the box with their bones in it. I watched her drag this bone in front of Maggie and then walked off a couple of feet and laid down to watch Maggie. Maggie seeing that Sally had interest in something new went and picked the bone up and chewed on it. Sally then went and got a different bone from the box. Her plan worked, Maggie left her alone. Maggie maybe the bossy younger sister, but Sally seems to have adjusted just fine.