Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bluebell and Washington

This should be the last of the pictures. This is what happens when you only see your family about once a year. I took almost 200 pictures in one week. Don't think I was slacking with pictures of McKay and Jackson though, I had at least 150 from their visit. I'm a proud aunt, I love my niece and nephews.
We went to the Bluebell Factory. Me in front of their first refrigerated truck.

Lindsey was so excited to go to the ice cream factory. On the tour we were watching the ice cream being put into containers and Nathan was holding Lindsey up to see. She chanted for like 10 minutes, "I love ice cream, I love ice cream." I was really tempted to pull out my camera and record it, but no cameras on the tour. Lindsey got a scoop of ice cream before the tour. We knew she wouldn't make it when she was already chanting ice cream waiting for our tour turn. That's what grandma's, uncles, and aunts are best at...spoiling and then sending home the kids on a sugar high.

After Bluebell we went to Washington on the Brazos. They had a working ranch with hands on activities and dress from back in the 1800s. Lindsey had fun playing dress up.

Grandma found her a wooden horse to ride.

Washing the towels.

Sweeping out the slave home.
Lindsey loves her Uncle Nathan. She was close to a melt down when he went to look at another exhibit without her.

Every time we left my parent's neighborhood we passed this sign. I laughed every time I saw it so I had to get a picture.
Good old Solomon, he's still kicking!

More pictures

This was my favorite way to hold Justin and he really liked it too.

The shirt says 'Daddy is my Super Hero'. It was too small for Jared so we decided to give it to Justin. I got him another shirt with a lion on it that said, 'I'm not lion, my mommy is the best'.

Here we are a "Krogering" and Jason figuring out where he fits.

Melissa and I stayed up late and made 22 bows for Lindsey.

Nobody knew where Nathan was. Then Jason comes into the kitchen and says he found him. That pictures is just priceless.

YUM! Bluebell mint chocolate chip ice cream bar dipped in chocolate. I love my Bluebell and so does Lindsey.Lindsey got a My Little Pony from her Aunt Cole.
Making rolls for dinner.

B-day Party

First order of business when I got to Texas was to get my toenails done. Me, mom, and Melissa went and got pedicures. I loved my toenails.

I celebrated my birthday a week late so I could be with my family. We had a big cookie cake and Lindsey helped grandma frost it. My mom says they went through about 7 knifes for Lindsey.

She helped frost a little too, it's wasn't just all licking off the frosting.
I wouldn't be a trip to Texas without my favorite ice cream!!!! I love the Great Divide but I did venture out and try some Rocky Road and that may be my new favorite.
Lindsey is a huge fan of ice cream.

Lindsey helping grandma put the candles on my cake.

That is what 26 candles looks like on a cookie cake.

Good till the last drop.

Then we played games. Lindsey's favorite game was jump on Uncle Nathan.

Adults and Twister=sore muscles the next day.

Notice how Kyle always seems to end up under someones butt. I don't remember who won, but it was fun to sit back and watch everyone.

Week of sun, heat, and humidity

I had so much fun with my family down in Texas this past week. My family filled my week out there with shopping, movies, and fun. We saw Up and G-Force, I wasn't a big fan of Up but G-Force was cute. It's a movie about talking guinea pigs, you can't expect much. I got to see where Kyle works, at a dog kennel. He is a "poop sprayer" (at least that is what I would call him). He doesn't have to pick it up, just spray it down the drain. He gets to play with the dogs too and walk them. He showed me a cute dog named Charley and I was about to take him home with me. It made me miss my Sally and Maggie.
Wednesday we all went down to Schlitterbahn in Galveston for the day. In the afternoon Nathan, Kyle and me were floating the Lazy River and dozed off. Needless to say the fronts of us were burnt, but we slathered on the aloe vera and healed just fine. Nathan woke up when he floated into a column and we both saw Kyle wake up when his head hit the wall.

I got to meet my new new, Justin. I was a total baby hog. I just told everyone that they got to see him whenever they wanted and I only got to see him for a week.
The night before I left I realized I had pictures of Lindsey but no picture of her and me. Needless to say it was time for bed so she was not cooperating. I love her and all her two year old spunkiness.
I made that for Lindsey during my girls night out with Jeannie and Jenny.
And one for Justin too. Lindsey loved her letters but even more she loved the extra flowers I brought in case any fell off her 'd'.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Greene Family Fun

There is a huge difference between an Oehring head and a Greene head...or maybe it is that there isn't much difference, depending on how you look at it.

Jackson with his new 4Wheeler helmet on...

Hey look at that! Jackson's helmet fits me and it wasn't even a tight squeeze. Me and my 4 1/2 yr old nephew have the same size head.
That picture is compliments of Jackson. He is quite the little picture taker.

The boys (Levi, Stan, Clint, and Jackson plus Maggie) went camping so naturally the girls (plus McKay) had a Girl's Night out. We went for dinner at Don Pedro's and got laughing pretty good. Whenever Grandma laughed McKay would start laughing too. He's a Grandma's boy. We came home, put the boy to bed, and made us some virgin Strawberry Daiquiri's. We watched SYTYCD, Confessions of a Shopaholic (very cute especially for a girl's night), and did crafts. Pictures of the crafts have to wait so they don't spoil any surprises.
When Jackson got back the next day he very happily told me at "boy's camp" he got to pee wherever he wanted. He peed on a tree, in the river, on the grass...he was very excited that he didn't have to pee in a toilet.

Jeannie, Jenny, and Me

Jenny sugaring up the rims of our glasses.

Drink up!
They were good!

Jackson and his Crawdad
McKay and Jackson. I can't wait to see you again!

Get Ready for Picture Overload

Clint's brother and his family came out this past week. I had a ton of fun with them and my two cute nephews. Jackson is 4 1/2 yrs old and McKay is 9 months. Jackson is amazing with numbers. He was walking around asking how old we were and then would figure out the age difference between everyone. When I asked Jackson who was his favorite he would tell me, "Aunt Micole and Grandma". What can I say, I'm a complete sucker for the kid and he knows it.
Me and McKay
Jackson was quite camera shy at first...
but that soon changed.
Blue mouth, compliments of Aunt Nicole and having to get him a treat at the candy store. He got a blue Ring Pop and as long as he wore the ring he was the king (this is according to Jackson) and even if he took it off he was still the king.
Jackson trying to put on McKay's shoes. Jackson is so in love with his brother, it is so adorable. Once McKay is walking I can tell he will be Jackson's shadow. For now he follows Jackson everywhere he can with his eyes.
So cute. I think he is chewing on a bug jar. Levi's boys are all boy. Their favorite place to be in on the 4Wheelers.
McKay and Grandpa
Maggie was very good with the boys. She was very gentle with McKay but she sure did love wrestling with Jackson. Wrestling!
Jackson trying to get a ride with Clint.
He got one with Grandpa instead.

Jackson found his own 4Wheeler to ride.

Sally getting a ride with Jackson.

McKay enjoyed our rib dinner too.

He got some corn too. You can see his bottom teeth. I love his curly hair.Jackson spent the night with us a couple of nights. The first night we watched Hercules and then pulled out the sofa bed and fell asleep while watching Aladdin. When Clint got up for work he put Jackson in our bed and laid his head on Maggie. About an hour later when we woke up Maggie was still his pillow. We had donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast. This was announced very excitedly to Grandma with icing all over his face.

The next time he slept over we rented Scooby-Doo and then fell asleep to Igor. Clint got up for work and Maggie went and found a new bed to sleep on. I got out of bed to find her cuddle right up with Jackson. He was very excited to wake up to the Maggie sleeping with him.

I love being an aunt. I have the cutest nephews. Now I can't wait till next week and I get to see my brother Jared's kids. Here I come Lindsey and Justin! Get ready to get spoiled!