Sunday, May 27, 2012

Salt Lake-Zoo

Friday afternoon we met up with the Smiths and took the kids to the Hogle Zoo.
Ryann in her new wagon
Catching a ride on daddy's shoulders and checking out the monkeys
Kelly and Keston checking out the elephants

Looking at more monkeys

Keston is so adorable. He was so easy going at the zoo.
Kian and Ryann got an up close look at the tiger
Keston took a turn in the wagon
Mark and Kian looking at another tiger


Ryann loved all the peacocks roaming around

Kian and Ryann following after the peacock
It was a great day for getting up close with some of the animals. The gorilla was sitting right by the window.
Train ride time!!!
Kelly and Keston
Mark and Kian
We finished off our afternoon at the zoo by feeding the ducks.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Salt Lake

Near the end of April we took a trip to Salt Lake City.
Ryann is an awful sleeper in the car. She has to be incredibly tired to fall asleep. She finally fussed herself to sleep, making the last part of the drive much more peaceful.
She has started having to sleep with her blanket of her face.
We went to the new City Creek mall and of course had to hit up the Disney Store. Ryann was in pure heaven. She caught right on to putting things in the bag that she wanted to get. It was so fun watching her that we went back the next day too.
The next day when we went back, Ryann put some 101 Dalmatian figurines into the bag and Clint tried to be sneaky and put them back on the shelf when she wasn't looking. Well Ryann still noticed. She came back to the bag and noticed they weren't in there, so she proceeded to load 4 sets into the bag. She probably would have unloaded the whole shelf of 101 Dalmatian figurines if we hadn't of stopped her.
Ryann loved looking at the trout in the stream running through the mall.
Checking out the fish with dad.
The next morning we had time to kill until all the stores opened so we went into temple square to look at the flowers.
Ryann is saying "ohhh" while pointing at the flower.
Smelling the flowers

Following daddy
Clint showing Ryann the duck
Catching a ride from daddy
Ryann loved her Daisy and Roo that she got at the Disney store the day before.
Notice how she has her purse in all the pictures. She would put her dolls in the stroller to empty her hands, but never the purse. Such a girlie-girl.
Clint showing Ryann the fountain
Playing in the water
Ryann taking a nap before we meet up with the Smiths to go to the zoo. I love how cute she looks sleeping in her car seat. She was one exhausted girl.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fake Cry

Whenever Ryann gets upset and does her fake cry, she will cover her mouth.

What a nice mommy I am, Ryann is upset over something and I just keep taking pictures of her.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Back in March, we went to the park with Maycee for our first park play date of the season. Both the girls had so much fun.
Ryann tentatively walked across the bridge.
Both the girls loved trying out the bridge.
Trying out crawling across the bridge
Maycee going down the slide with her mommy
Ryann loved the tunnel
Maycee going through the tunnel with...
Ryann right behind her
Lots of fun!
Telling me she was going to go in the tunnel again
Ryann had previously not like slides, but this time I couldn't have kept her off them if I wanted too. Every time I turned around she was telling me "Wheeee" and going down again.
Going down the slide together
And Ryann going back up the slide
She tried a variety of positions for coming down the slide
Kiara taking her turn on the slide
Ryann wanted to walk Sally really bad, but Sally didn't want to be walked by Ryann.
Sitting on the bridge together
The bench was also just as fun as the play equipment
Ryann really enjoyed the PVC pipes that were laying around
I loved watching how much fun these two little best friends were having together

Wheeeee! Riding the Zebra
I was standing on this spinning around, so Ryann decided she needed to try it out too.
Trying out climbing
Maycee was not content unless she climbing as high as she possibly could.

Good-bye hug!