Monday, March 28, 2011

Dog Food

The dogs were eating their food and Ryann crawled over to investigate.Well she decided she would try it too. Sally and Maggie didn't seem to mind sharing.

Sweet Chocolate Kisses

Nutella on a spoon


Clint and I took Ryann to the playground for her first time.
She decided she didn't like swinging and seemed less than thrilled about anything else.
So instead Clint played with the dogs.Maggie actually enjoyed jumping up and down the rock stairs
She wasn't quite as excited about going down the slide, and chose to jump instead.
But Clint did get her to go down the covered slide.
Sally and her little peg leg ran all around following Clint.
She got her turn on the slide too.
Ryann's turn on the slide
Sliding with dad wasn't as bad as the swing.

Poor Maggie

Maggie went for a run with Clint on the 4 wheeler and ran into a barbed wire fence.
She has a few minor scratches but she she ripped the bottom of her ear and had to get 4 stitches. She had to be put out to get her stitches and since it was after hours they sent her home quicker than they did Sally. She couldn't even walk up the steps into the house. She acted like she was seeing double. She is doing good now though. We are just hoping that the slice in her ear heals together.
Our poor's just been a rough couple of weeks for them.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Poor Sally

Sally loves to spend her day in our front window. She has done this since she was a puppy. Last week she jumped or fell out of the window and landed funny. The next day when she wouldn't put any weight on her paw I took her to the vet. Poor Sally has a hairline fracture of one of her toes and a bad dislocation so she has to wear a splint for the next three weeks. Since she gets so stressed out at the vet, they had to put her under to get the toe back in place and splint her leg.
She was so drugged up when she came home that she was falling asleep sitting up.

Sweet Tooth

Thin mints with Grandma
Oreo in the stroller
She was not happy when mommy tried to take away her oreo.

Ryann kept trying to hold the popsicle and not the stick.

10 Months

10 Months old
21 lb 2 oz
28 inches

Ryann crawls all the time now, no more army crawling.
She has 6 teeth! Which she loves to use to eat...and bite things.She has found a new favorite snack that she bites with her new teeth...cheese puffs.
Thanks Mindy:)Maggie is a such a good dog and lets Ryann crawl all over her. She even lets her grab her paws and chew on her nails. Yup, I caught Ryann chewing on Maggie's nails.Ryann's favorite thing is still to pull stuff out of boxes.
She was a great help when I was trying to put away clothes she had out grown.
Everything I put in the box, she pulled out and reinspected for me.
Laying back on Grandma and watching Aladdin.
Ryann had been playing with her toys and she crawled over to her blanket and bottle and just fell asleep on the floor.

Monday, March 14, 2011

North Carolina-Life and Science Museum

Majority of the activities were centered around what Jackson and McKay would have fun doing so one day we ended up at the Life and Science Museum. My favorite part had to be the butterfly area. I want a giant garden like that to go and relax in. The insects were really interesting too. We only just through a small portion of it, but what we did see was fun.

First thing we did was ride the train. It was fun, but cold.
Ryann's first train ride.
Jenny, McKay, Grandma and Jackson ready to go on the train.
There were a couple butterflies that kept flying around Ryann's hat when she was near these purple flowers.
Jackson wasn't too thrilled about the butterfly area until he started finding them.
There was an area that had cocoons hung on the twine and they were labeled so that you knew what kind of butterfly would come out. We happened to look right when a butterfly was making its way out of the cocoon. I've labeled it with the arrow, since they all just kind of blend together. It was cool to get to see this.
There were these birds that looked like they had a red fro wandering around the butterfly exhibit.
There is a caterpillar on a tobacco leaf and you can zoom the camera in at move the leaf to watch him eat...and this guy could eat! All the hands on learning was great.
McKay playing in the inventions area. Later we found out it was only for 7 and up, oh well.
McKay looking at the turtles.
McKay feeding Ryann. So sweet:)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

North Carolina-Zoo

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the zoo. We were there for 4 hours and there was still more we could have seen. The zoo was HUGE. Jenny, Levi, Jeannie, Nicole
Jackson, McKay, Ryann

Ryann and McKay watching the Poppins with Grandma. This was the only exhibit Ryann really paid attention too. Lots of Poppins moving around to catch her attention. McKay and Levi
McKay getting a lift from his dad to get a good view.

Cute brothers
Checking out the ottersTwo otters wrestling
The baboons were my favorite! They were so active and who doesn't love that cute baby monkey!
Mom hugging her baby
This mom kept her baby under control by holding onto his tail!

McKay had so much fun he fell asleep
Hanging out on the monkey statues

We rode the tram back to our van. McKay was so excited to get to ride.
It was a fun day at the zoo.