Monday, June 18, 2012

Bunch of Randomness

Here are just a bunch of random pictures taken over the past few months that I have yet to blog about.

Looking out through the curtains
One doll is never enough to sleep with

Ryann loves to play in the dog kennel
Grandma Greene, Ryann, and lots of Minnies

Trying out her tricycle.
Helping mom with the dishes. She is putting them in her Minnie bag.
Ryann was playing with a flashlight, put it on the ground, and then found her shadow. She was moving all over watching her shadow move.
Anything can work as a step stool
Big smile on a messy face
Ryann "helps" me sweep by putting her broom right in the middle of my pile and pushing it around.
Who needs their hands to get a drink
Ryann couldn't find the bread so instead she insisted on eating a tortilla.
Searching the fridge for something to eat.

Trash Can

I don't know what Ryann's obsession with the trash can is...

but she LOVES to push it over and climb on it.

And of course Ryann's partner in crime is always close by.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shoes, Dolls, and Beds

Ryann is developing her own fashion sense.
That pink skirt is her absolute favorite. I have to put it up right away, otherwise she will constantly bring it to me for me to put it on her.
The medals are her own personal touch to the outfit.
She is getting better at putting on her shoes. This was one of her first attempts at trying to get them on herself.

Daddy's shoes never loose their appeal.

I'm playing blog catch up, as you can tell from the coat Ryann is wearing. At that time she always tried to leave the house with a handful of her dolls. We have since put up most of the little dolls, but she still tries to take as many toys as she can with her.
Ryann is a good mommy to her dolls, she makes sure they get their rest.
She has really started to play with her toys, not just carry them around. Here they are playing "house".
Once again another handful of dolls, but at least this time she found a box to put herself and them in.
I tried showing Ryann the bed we bought for her dolls but she decided it was for her to sit in it.
While at a friend's bridal shower, Ryann found a nice little bench that made a perfect place for her to lay down.
She is definitely all girl, she even goes to bed with her purse.
This was Sally's bed, but instead Ryann and Maggie took over it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Salt Lake

Friday night we met back up with the Smiths for dinner. While waiting for a table, I took Ryann and Kian outside. Ryann loves Kian, she wanted to do whatever he was doing and followed him everywhere. Kian started to run and so naturally Ryann started to chase him. She was laughing so hard running after him.
And of course she held onto her purse the whole time.
After dinner we walked around The Gateway mall. When we came up to the fountains, Kian wanted to run through it. It took him a bit to gather the courage to actually do it, but he eventually did.

Since it was dark and he was running, the pictures are a little blurry, but they still capture his fun.
It was so much fun spending time with the Smiths. Thanks for spending time with us Mark and Kelly! I can't wait till we see each other again.