Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jackson Baptism-Spencer Baby Blessing

November 30th - December 2nd

Ryann and I headed out to Twin Falls, Idaho with Jeannie and Stan for Jackson's baptism and Spencer's baby blessing.
Ryann was happy in the beginning, but the last part of the trip was hard for her. She ended up being mad at grandpa, he was the one driving and keeping her in the car. It took her a while, after getting to Levi and Jenny's, to forgive him. Good thing grandpa has a good sense of humor and loves her so much.
Jackson and Levi
All the cousins
Jenny and Spencer
Levi, Jenny, Spencer, Jackson, and McKay
Ryann enjoyed spinning more than taking pictures.
No more pictures!
After the baptism and blessing everyone went for lunch.
Jade and Ryann playing with a bow from a present.
Tying up the chairs.
McKay helping tie up the chairs.
Yummy cotton candy
Even better when eaten with a fork!

Grandpa helping Ryann stay dry.
After lunch, Jade came over to play.
Fun in the playroom!
Hugs for Jade's mom, Sara
Ryann loves baby Spencer

Whenever  Ryann comes around, there is always time for princesses!
McKay with princesses, Ryann with super heroes
Wrestling with Grandpa!
Cute girl in a hard hat
Ryann to the rescue.
How do you get a reaction like this from Ryann?
Get Levi to bring in a little green frog to show the kids.

Sharing lunch with Jackson
Lots of love for baby Spencer
Holding hands
Kissing Spencer's toes
Helping Grandma feed Spencer
Fun with Grandpa
Ryann loved to hold Spencer
Such a sweet baby
 While out there I took Ryann to see Santa at the mall...

Enjoying her candy cane after sitting on Santa's lap