Friday, January 29, 2010

Ryann's Room

My goal is to make Ryann one blanket before she is born. I went and picked up and couple fabrics, figured out a simple design and started to sew. This blanket will be big enough that we can cover ourselves while we are rocking her in the chair. The dots are the middle of the blanket with the green minky on the sides. The brown minky is the back. All that is left to do is sew the front to the back, so it's looking good that it will be done before she is born.
A close up of the brown minky. I fell in love with the hearts instead of the typical dots and knew it had to be part of her blanket.
While I was at work Clint put up the shelf and put her name on it. Decorating the wooden letters for her name was the first project I completed after getting the room painted.
The curtain rod, the perfect amount of girl.
I was looking on (one of my favorite websites) and I found these cute butterflies that I had to have for Ryann's room. Just a hint of yellow butterflies. They turned out even better than I imagined. The picture really makes the butterflies stand out on the closet doors, but they are a little more sutle in person.
I feel Ryann's kicks all the time now but once I have seen it. On Monday I was laying on my bed with a bare belly and I saw and felt my belly move right by my belly button. I haven't had any other hard enough kicks to be felt from the outside. It was pretty fun to see my belly move.
I have my 24 week appointment in about a week...lets hope I pass my Glucose Tolerance Test!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Maggie's Ride

On one of Clint's days off he went and rented a Bobcat to clear out all the snow and ice in front of our house. Clint had the driveway all nice and clear and then come the snowplows to pile it back in front of the driveway. It makes me cold just looking at these pictures. When Clint took the Bobcat back, Maggie went for a ride. She is such a good dog to get in and ride when she clearly is unsure what is happening.

20 weeks

There is no more denying the belly. I had my 20 weeks appointment today and along with that comes measuring my belly. So here is the first of my belly pictures...After my appointment I went back to ultrasound (US #6). On day two of my official ultrasound Loretta, the technician, could not get a good nose lip pictures since Ryann had her face smashed again the placenta. She went ahead and finished out my ultrasound at the time and everything reported back normal. Loretta told me to come back when I was further along to get a better look and double check. Of course Ryann did not want to cooperate. She wouldn't hold still when Dr. Anderson was trying to get her heart rate and when Loretta tried to see her nose lip she was face down. When she did shift she put her arm over her face. We finally got a good look and there are no detectable defects. Yeah! Everything still normal. Oh and for my father in law, it's still a girl. He is not believing it is a girl, but I did hear him say the other day granddaughter. I had her double check nothing new had poked up.
Clint hung up my flower and butterfly for me. After looking at the flowers for a couple days it just did not feel complete. Back to the store I went but there were not any more large flowers to hang on the wall. I thought I would get one that had a stand and just have my father in law take off the stand but they were too much. The little flowers were not the colors I was looking for. I ended up buying two more small flowers and repainting one of them. I love how it turned out, plus I do love painting. The small flower in the middle is the one I repainted. I just repainted the outside purple and the middle yellow.
The butterfly
The nursery will probably sit like this for a couple months, but the big stuff is done.
I am feeling pretty good. The mornings are still rough, but not as bad as they had been. By about 10 o'clock I am feeling fine. I have excepted that I'm just not going to feel good in the mornings for the rest of my pregnancy. I feel little Ryann's kicks and nudges all the time. Time is going by fast for me and I know it's because I'm working but that is just fine. I'm taking advantage of feeling good and getting done what I can now.
Everyone is asking if I have been craving anything. I didn't think I had been but when I got to thinking about it I am always wanting oranges. The Realtor we used brought us by a big box of oranges and since then that is what I always want to snack on. Just writing about it make me want to go eat one...and I think I will.