Monday, September 20, 2010

4 Months

Ryann is now 4 months old. At her doctors appointment she was 15lb 6 oz and 25 inches long. She is quite the growing girl. She is a really good baby. I have a calendar that I mark all the things that she does and I was putting stickers in for every night she slept through the night. Well, I ran out of those stickers. She sleeps through the night ALL the time. This means she is up most of the day and is grouchy by the afternoon, but it is well worth the trade off. She has even gone one day without any naps...that was a long day. Thankfully we have not repeated that again. She will usually take a 20-30 minute power nap between feedings and that helps. There is just too much going on in her world that she doesn't have time for sleeping.
Ryann loves her dogs. She is constantly watching them and laughing at them. She laughs when they lick her feet and when Maggie sneaks a lick behind her ear. She will be fussy and then see her dogs moving around and she cheers up.
Ryann loves bath time. I lay her down on the rug next to the tub and turn the water on and she gets excited. She loves to splash and is even getting used to when she splashes herself in the face. Water in the face is not so traumatic anymore.
Ryann isn't rolling over quite yet but she can move. When ever she is in her Bumbo she always turns herself. Within a few minutes she is in the above position. When she is laying on her back she can dig her heels in and rotate herself. Laying on her back makes her always bring her legs up in the air. She is getting better and better at liking tummy time. Twice she has rolled over to her side but isn't going all the way. Ryann seems to want to sit up more than roll over. I'm just enjoying the last few moments of her being non mobile while I can.
Ryann playing with Everett. She loves kids. She "talks" back and laughs. She is such a happy and smiley baby. I have woken up a few time to find her in her crib just laughing and talking to herself.
Clint trying to get Everett to sit in the car seat.
First time sitting in grass, she didn't seem to mind.
Ryann loves her highchair.
It's so much fun she even falls asleep in it.
Everything makes it into Ryann's mouth. She loves to chew on cloth. She pulls her clothes up into her mouth. I usually just let her chew on her burp rags to spare her clothes. She drools so much that she doesn't need any extra slobber on them. No teeth though. She just is a chewing and drooling machine.
Here is Ryann's first taste of rice cereal. She doesn't love it, but it's food in her mouth and she will eat what you put in her mouth. Maggie and Sally love that Ryann has started rice cereal because I let them eat the leftovers. Plus Sally knows that kids in highchairs mean food on the floor.
My friend Lori made that adorable hat for Ryann. She also made her a cute pink one. I love them!!!
Ryann is total thumb sucker. I've given up on the pacifier, except in moments when she is really upset I still try it and occasionally she will take it or it just makes her madder. Here she is just staring at the TV and the thumb went straight to her mouth.
So relaxed
So cute!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I love it when Clint has time off and our schedules line up so that we can go see our friends Kelly and Mark. Labor Day Weekend was one of those wonderful times when we got to go see them and their adorable little boy Kian.
Ryann was such a good traveler. As long as she has her giraffe she is pretty content. It's her favorite toy.
Kian enjoyed Ryann and liked getting to hold her. He tried to share his food with her too but we just kept reminding him that Ryann only drank milk from her mommy.
We took Clint's mom's car out and it has a DVD player in it. Kian loved watching movies in the car and wearing the headphones. I think we could have taken that boy anywhere as long as he had a movie. Only problem was that we couldn't get some of the movies to play but Merry Madagascar always worked. I think we watched that one at least 5 times....5 times too many.
All bundled up for a Friday night stroll around Park City.
Kian playing in Ryann's car seat.

Saturday we went to the Tracy Aviary. Got to see all sorts of birds including the free roaming peacocks and the vulture show. Ryann just happy to be in her stroller and moving.
Ryann was happy to sit with her dad during the vulture show.
Kian and Ryann both got to let the crow take a dollar out of their hand for donation.
Saturday night we went to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival Laugh Night. It was pretty funny and fun. Our friends Allison and Richard came too, so it was great to see them. Ryann played with her dad while waiting for the show to start.
After all that playing they needed some cuddle time.
We did make a stop at Cabela's and Kian found himself a new house.
Sunday, while Mark and Clint were off mountain biking, Kelly, Kian, Ryann and I hike around Silver Lake. It was gorgeous and a really nice day for a hike. Ryann spent the first part of the hike like this....
But eventually she fell asleep and I could really enjoy myself.

We stopped at a bridge and the ducks started to come over. Well apparently one duck didn't like this and started to fight with another duck and chased him off. That was my first duck fight. There were a few kids around so luckily it didn't get too brutal.
Thanks Kelly, Mark, and Kian for having us. We really enjoyed coming out and can't wait till we get to do it again.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Stephanie and Harley

I have fallen behind in my blogging so before I go to sleep I'll at least get one new post up. About three weeks ago, my friend Stephanie and her daughter, Harley, came out for part of a Saturday to visit me and meet Ryann. It was great to see her and see how much Harley had grown up.
Stephanie and meMe and Harley
Harley and Ryann
Stephanie and RyannStephanie brought me some of Harley's old clothes, but Harley was not quite ready to part with them. She thought that since she could still put this jacket on she should get to keep it. Jacket size 24 months...Harley 6 years old.
The dogs loved having a kid to play with and lick. I love how you can see Sally's tongue in full lick mode on Harley's chin. That dog LOVES to lick!

Thanks for driving out to see me and Ryann!