Friday, December 28, 2012


Clint and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary this year. We went on a long weekend trip to Park City this year and brought Ryann along with us.
We went to Hogle Zoo to check out the new Rocky Shores exhibit.
Catching a ride on daddy's shoulders
Checking out the monkeys
New hat
Watching the otter swim
Checking out the bears
Mickey and Minnie looking at the bears.
Ryann's favorite part was probably the train ride.
Choo choo
I love these two!
After the zoo we headed back to Park City. Ryann found some puddles and had a lot of fun jumping in them.
We rode the lift up the mountain to do the Alpine Slides.
Ryann didn't know what to think about the lift.
Going to ride with daddy
Well, daddy had fun.
After Ryann got off the Alpine Slide, I asked her if she had fun. She first told me no, but then she told me it was fun.
Next we did the Alpine Coaster.
Waiting in line
Ryann liked the ride up to the top of the coaster.
We stopped at the photo booth to check out our pictures...
Alpine Coaster
Clint and Ryann
Ryann's face is priceless! She did not like the coaster, and her mind could not be swayed to say she did like it.
At the bottom of the resort we were staying at, there was a lift to the very top.
Ryann decided she didn't like standing in the lift.
She was a little more comfortable having daddy hold her.
View from the lift.
Smelling flowers
We also went to the Tracy Aviary.
Watching the bird show
Ryann loved throwing food to the ducks
Looking at the birds
We were able to get tickets to the Amazon Adventure, where we got to feed these beautiful birds.
Sun Conures
Birds on my arm
Ryann holding her cup of fruit
Ryann checking out the birds
Clint was able to get a few birds at a time
Ryann liked the rocks
Ryann ready to get out of the bird cage
Outside of the aviary there was a small carnival. Clint took Ryann on the ferris wheel.
Ryann not enjoying the ferris wheel
It was a great anniversary weekend.
Thanks for 9 wonderful years Clint, here's to forever.