Saturday, April 30, 2011


Saturday everyone went to the zoo. Even Nathan came home from school, with his girlfriend Candice, and got to go too.
First we saw the elephants for Lindsey.
Align CenterThen the monkeys for Ryann.
She enjoyed these little orange colored monkeys the best. I think they were easy for her to spot.
Checking out the monkeys with Grandma
Lindsey and Clint
Lindsey hitched a ride with Uncle Nathan
The monkeys were really active. We got to see a monkey fight.
And a zoo keeper feed the monkeys some treats.
Jason helping Lindsey see how her hands compare to a monkeys.
Candice, Nathan, Mom, and Ryann
We had to check out the lions for my dad.
It was fun watching my dad get so excited about the lions. He even took a pictures on his cell phone.
Ryann and her Opa
Opa and Justin
Clint knew just how to make himself the favorite Uncle.
Lindsey got pink cotton candy
and Justin got blue
We ended our day at the zoo with the kids riding on the Carousel.
Ryann didn't know what to think of her animal moving up and down, and her world going in circles, so her and dad ended up on the bench.
Grandma showing Ryann pretty pink roses.
It was a fun day and great that we all got to go together as a family.


Melissa, my mom, me and the kids went to a drive through safari. When you first drive in you can get buckets of food and feed some of the animals that walk right up to your car.

I thought Ryann would be a little freaked out by it all, but to my surprise she was climbing over Justin to get into the action.
She even touched some of the animals that I fed.
The emus were right up to your bucket digging away, but up close they just freaked me out.
and they made a huge mess. I was so scared the emu would peck my finger instead of the food.
This guy was my favorite. So calm.Ryann petted him.Then all the kids got a pony ride. I at first just had Ryann sit on the pony just so I could get a picture but then the lady told me she could take her for a ride and since she wasn't screaming I let her go.
She seemed to enjoy it, no tears at least, but had quite the death grip when we went to get her down.
There were deer all over the place. Ryann made a new friend.
This deer followed us around like a dog. We fed it the rest of an apple.
Then we went on the tram ride where we fed even more animals.
Ryann decided that it would be a great time to bite me!!! She left little teeth marks in my arm.
Relaxing on Grandma
and feeling Justin's head.
We saw lots of different animals. This big huge guy...
and these adorable cute baby emus. It was a really fun time.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Texas-Lindsey's Birthday

At the beginning of April, Clint and I went to Texas to visit my family and see my brother Kyle before he is off to the Navy. We got there the day after Lindsey's birthday so they had her family party the day we arrived.
While I shopped for a present Ryann got to play on the the rides with Grandma and Dad.

Of course the party had to start with presents, that would be torture to make a 4 yr old wait till after dinner. Lindsey banged on her mom and dad's bedroom door saying "Presents, presents, presents" while Melissa hid inside wrapping.Ryann hanging out with her Uncle Jason and Uncle Kyle.
Sporting party gear
Lindsey unwrapped each present very carefully...
and then very carefully dropped each one on the floor.
Except for this one. The princess deluxe package from Grandma had to opened and worn IMMEDIATELY
Instead of shipping a present to Justin a month later, I just let him have it early.
After dinner we had a yummy cookie cake.
We sang happy birthday and I was posed to take a picture of Lindsey blowing out her candles but....
Justin stole the moment. Right on cue he blew out those candles. It was so funny but...
Lindsey was less than enthused to blow them out after Justin stole her moment.
A trip to Texas is never complete with out lots of Bluebell Ice Cream. I love this stuff! and so does Justin. He just dug his fork right in and started helping himself.
When he'd finished his bowl he just grabbed the scoop and helped himself. He was such a character.
Ryann loved her cookie and tiny scoop of ice cream.
She topped it off with a booger. Yes that is her chocolate covered finger going right up her nose.
After the party Melissa turned the hose on and let Justin play in his water table. Ryann loved it.
Justin was so sweet and careful around her.

But he eventually figured out that when he splashed Ryann laughed. It was so cute to watch those two play.
Ryann drying off with Uncle Jared.
When Lindsey is really happy she sings. She ended her birthday celebration by serenading us.