Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dog Food

If I don't put the dog food up...

The food has to go up on the table because Ryann figured out how to crawl under the chair by watching Sally.

Things Ryann Has Learned

Ryann has been busy the past month. She is into EVERYTHING! I just have to shut all the doors and put the dog bowls on the table when she is on the move. If she sees me coming towards her and she is near the dog bowls then she crawls a little faster to get to them. Her favorite room in the house is the bathroom. She will hear me turn the water on for her bath and she will crawl right into the bathroom. I had the bathroom door shut one time and I found her kneeling in front of the door banging on it. She is very observant and is learning how to do new things all the time.
Ryann loves to lay on Maggie's dog bed.
Ryann is very proud of herself that she has figured out how to push the button on her ball popper and make the balls pop out.
She likes to drink out of water bottles.
I was folding the clothes and Ryann grabbed a pair of her socks. She was being so cute and laughing and rolling all over the blanket.
One of Ryann's favorite things to do is crawl over mommy.
Then when mom tries to take pictures of it, she tries to grab the camera.
Last night Ryann had crawled into the bathroom and came out with her towel in the her hands. She was dragging it everywhere and rubbing it on her face. I was taking pictures of her acting silly and she came and sat in my lap.
Ryann LOVES this car. It is her favorite birthday present. This week she figured out how to climb in it herself. She can get out of the car, and slowly it is becoming more graceful and not just her falling out of the car.
Ryann thinks the kitchen table is her personal playground. She has been caught putting her foot on the bottom rung of the chair.
Ryann has found herself a new spot to sit. She sits on the foot rest we have under our table. Only problem is she hasn't quite figured out how to get down.
Ryann loves to push the buttons on the DVD player and pull out the ipod deck. She has started to cry whenever we tell her no.
I was talking to Clint on the phone and looked over and saw this....
I have a climber on my hands.
Ryann isn't walking on her own yet, but she this week she did start to walk with her walker.
She pulls herself up on everything. She will get up on her feet and hands and it looks like she is trying to push herself up into a standing position.
Sometimes Ryann's exploring gets her into some tight places....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ryann is ONE

There is nothing like that first birthday cake. Ryann at first was very dainty and would pick up each sprinkle with her thumb and index finger. Then she would dive head first into the cake.
Thanks Mindy for helping me capture that moment.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Step Stool

For Ryann's birthday I bought her a step stool that I was going to paint for her. Before I got it decorated it was just sitting on the floor. She loved to pull herself up on it. Though one afternoon she figured out how to climb up on it. She got stuck and could not figure out how to get down.
So of course instead of helping her, I took pictures...then I helped her off.
Clint got her a rocking chair and little rocking horse for her birthday. She learned how to put her bear in the rocking chair. This was, of course, a lot less traumatic.