Monday, July 18, 2011

Ryann and Friends

Ryann and her friend Maycee, they are just 2 weeks apart. They were SO cute on the couch. They were crawling around and jabbering to each other.

Maycee liked the squirt bottle
When it got a little darker we did sparklers for the girls and some bigger fireworks for the parents.
More fun with Maycee.
Kiera and I took our girls to the craft fair. It was really hot and so afterwards we got some shaved ice. It ended up a wet sticky mess all over the floor, but it was worth it to watch them enjoy their shaved ice and have fun. These girls are too cute together!

Nora and Ryann checking each other out.
Maci was so sweet to Ryann. Ryann does not like the feel of grass. She was going hysterical when we put her on it. Maci got the rocking horse and was so sweet to her. Eventually Maci got her to sit on the grass and not freak out.
Watching Everett jump on the trampoline

Someone recently asked me if now that Ryann was older if it was easier for me to get things done.
Well, no it isn't easier. In fact, it's harder to get things done. I do things twice now when she is awake. I do it once and she pulls it apart to double check my work. I just usually don't try to do too much till she is asleep, or locked in her high chair eating.
I was trying to fold towels and Ryann started pulling all the towels and blankets towards her and made herself a nice little seat.
Sally loves a pile of fresh out of the dryer laundry. She jumped in the basket and then Ryann climbed in too.
My smart little girl. I opened the fridge and she pulled out her juice while I was getting something else out. Then she crawled over to her car seat and sat down in it and drank her juice. It was really cute.
Ryann is such a smart kid. She will take my phone and put it to her ear. Sometimes she will even have it to her ear and say, "Dadadada." Hmmm, wonder who I talk on the phone to the most:) I caught her tonight with the TV remote pointing it at the TV. Nothing gets by this kid.
She says Mama, Dada, doggie, and puppie and actually knows what they mean. Except every animal right now is a puppie. She even says Maggie too. She will sometimes copy things that we say but she doesn't make an association with them yet. I did catch her with her rubber duckie making sounds that sounded like her version of "quack, quack".
Ryann still isn't walking by herself but she can walk really well with her walker or holding a hand. What she does do really well...climb. Everything and anything she climbs on or tries to. We will let her climb but if she gets up she has to get down. So sometimes she will fuss for a little bit but most the time she will figure out how to get back down. Sometimes we do still have to rescue her. Figure if she can get up, she can get down. As much as this girl climbs, I do NOT want to be rescuing her all the time.
Ryann loves bath time. When she hears me turn the water on, she will crawl right to the tub and tries to get in. After her bath I bush her 9 teeth.Yup, this kid has 9 teeth! She has her four front top, four bottom front teeth and has a molar on the top left side. The molar isn't all the way it, the front and back have broken through but the middle hasn't yet.
Ryann is constantly on the go. It is so fun to watch her grow and learn, though I do wish the growing part would slow down a bit. It has all gone so fast!

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

For the 4th of July we went to the parade. Clint was out of town so I went with Clint's parents.
While waiting for the parade to start, Ryann wanted to sit on the curb.
Mommy and Ryann waiting for the parade to start.
Ryann had found a nice little pebble, and Grandma took it away when she tried to eat it. Ryann wasn't too happy about it.
What is a Vernal parade with out a dinosaur:)
Watching the parade drinking her chocolate milk. Thanks Grandpa for walking to 7-11 to get it!
Two of my Young Women are in the drill team and I had to see them on their unicycles. They had been practicing really hard to be able to be in the parade.
The left arrow is Samauree, the right arrow in Larissa.
Larrisa on the end.
Another one of my Young Women, Shae, on the Student Council float. She is the one in the middle on the back with the bag partially covering her face.Clint's cousin's two girls, Allie and Maci, were on this float for their singing group.
Allie on the end of the bench
Allie and Maci. Maci has her back against Allie.Ryann could have cared less about the parade...until the horses!
Ryann and Grandpa watching the horses.That evening Clint's parents came over and did fireworks with me and Ryann.

We started out with an all exciting sparkler!Ryann actually kind of like them.
She would like the sparkler and want to touch it until the sparks got too close to her.
Next we went to the even more exciting worms...or snakes.
She got excited about these.
Looks like flaming poop to me...but Ryann had to be held back because she really wanted to touch it.
Then we did the fountains.

Ryann wasn't too fond of them.
We had fun with our little fireworks just for Ryann.
Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ryann is a self feeder. If I try to feed her then she clamps her mouth shut. If I want to feed her with a spoon then I have to put the food on the spoon and then give her the spoon so she can put it in her mouth herself. I have also started giving her a fork and showing her how to stab her food. I just love watching her try new things. She is so observant and will try to copy what others are doing.
Ryann using a spoon to eat her yogurt. She would dip the handle in the yogurt and lick it off. After a couple times of that, she just used her hands. She covered her whole face and both her arms in the yogurt.

Eating shaved ice. She starts with picking it up with just her thumb and index finger. Then she just licks it.
Licking a pretzel goldfish off the table.

I took my Mia Maids to Farr's for an activity and of course Ryann came too. I put my ice cream down and Ryann was instantly putting her fingers in it to try it. Then when I gave her a spoon she was using that to eat my ice cream. I just let her have at it and get messy. I thought I had it all cleaned off of her till we got in the car and she lifted her leg. She even had ice cream on the back side of her leg!

Ryann, Sally, Maggie, and a cat

Ryann loves Sally. Sally, well, she loves the food that Ryann drops. Ryann is quite good at getting a handful of Sally's fur, but Sally is a good dog and just moves spots so that Ryann will leave her alone.
Sally investigating what Ryann has
Going in for the lick

Ryann playing Tug-O-War with Maggie.
Maggie is so gentle with Ryann. When Ryann has something she really wants, Maggie will gently take it from her. She lets Ryann crawl and lay on her...
and she shares her bed.
Ryann loves to lay in Maggie's dog bed. So here is my daughter, laying in a dog bed with a dog bone in her hand.
I was at a friend's house and their cat was laying in the window so Ryann started to knock on the window at the cat. It was cute. Ryann isn't quite as fond of cats because they don't pay her any attention like dogs do.