Friday, September 27, 2013

Holly Days-Parade of Lights

November 23rd
Ryann, Mommy, and Rapunzel
I had a coat on Ryann but she wouldn't keep it on. That's my stubborn girl, only does what she wants when she wants.

Halloween Pictures by Mindy

Maycee and Ryann: Witch and Princess


Halloween prep must begin with picking out a pumpkin. Ryann was lucky and she got to go to a patch and pick out her pumpkins.
There were kittens there and Ryann insisted Grandma bring one.

Ryan was in LOVE with the kittens.

On Halloween, we carved Tinkerbell into Ryann's pumpkin.
Ryann painted the other pumpkins.
 Once the pumpkins were properly painted pink and purple (did you expect any other color), we headed out to go trick and trunk-or-treating.
Our adorable princess Trick-Or-Treating
We went up to Clint's parent's ward Trunk-Or-Treat. Ryann quickly caught on that people put candy in her bucket. Everyone taught she was so cute, and ended up giving her even more.
This is what Ryann insisted on putting in her bucket.
Only a very small part of her candy stash she got.
One tired, Halloweened out girl
A few days before Halloween, my work had a Halloween party.
Ryann, Ryder, and Maycee took a picture at the photo booth.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scrapbook Overnighter

October 12-13

My friend Nicole moved to Payson, but the scrapbook overnighter was the perfect place to meet up again. It goes from Friday at 5pm to Saturday at 5pm. 24 hours of pure scrapbooking fun.
I worked on Ryann's 1st year scrapbook. I got a good start on it, considering this was the first time I had done anything for it.

Mine and Mary's table.
There is always a best pajamas contest at midnight.
Nicole and her girls all had matching footie pajamas.
Whitney, Marlee, Nicole, and Shelby
Mary went all out to for the contest this year.
Marvelous Mary
Complete with gold duct tape headband, wrist bands, and...
superhero underwear!
Mary won the contest, with Nicole's family taking a close second.

Trip to Idaho

September 27th-29th

Off to Idaho to visit Levi, Jenny, and my adorable nephews at their new home.
Ryann attacking Grandma with a light saber.
Perrine Bridge
Snake River Canyon


Thousand Springs Festival on Ritter Island
Ritter Island
This island was so pretty. The water was so clear and the algae in the river was such a bright green.

Trying to do a somersault.
Not quite but... TA-DA!
Washing hands
Looking at snakes and eating ice cream.
Jackson wouldn't hold a snake but he would touch.
Levi holding a snake as McKay and Ryann look.
McKay was brave enough to hold a snake.
Ice cream + chips = one happy, messy girl
Clint, Jackson, McKay, and Levi getting ready for a canoe ride.
Off they go!
Ryann loves her Papa

Wrestling with Grandpa

We all went to see Shoshone Falls. The falls were pretty dry since it was fall, but it was still cool to see.
Shoshone Falls
Grandpa and Grandpa with grandkids
McKay found a puppy to play with at the park.