Wednesday, October 24, 2012


At the end of April we had a sprinkling system put in our front and back yard and sod laid in the back.We have enjoyed our new yard all summer long.
Laying the sod

Daddy making Ryann run through the sprinklers.
Ryann did not like it.
For Ryann's birthday her Grandma and Opa Oehring bought her a playhouse.
We got Ryann a little trampoline and it helped her learn and perfect her jumping skills. She also makes Sally get on and holds the opening shut so she is trapped.
Clint put in a raised flower bed along the back of the fence.
Maggie and Ryann enjoyed digging in the dirt together.
It has been wonderful being able to just open the door and let Ryann play.
Ryann has helped us keep the lawn looking good.

Ryann really enjoyed the dirt.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Steinaker Lake

I'm behind on my blogging and overwhelmed with pictures so I missed the pictures from our afternoon at the lake back in June. So here they are...
Clint's cousin, Heidi, invited us to go boating so of course we took her up on the offer. We played on the beach with Heidi and her family and Kandice and her family. Ryann loves being around all her cousins. She was a little wary of things when we first got to the beach but once her cousins arrived she warmed up to her surroundings.
Ryann in her "Puddle Jumper" life-jacket.
Playing in a watery sand hole with daddy.
Not a huge fan of standing in water.
Taking a swim with daddy.

Ryann and Kandice hanging out in the inner tube.
One happy girl!
Going out for a ride with Daddy and Porter.

Ryann loved standing next to Porter. The ride was slow, but she loved it, just her speed.
Porter kept saying "faster", apparently Ryann's slow ride was not fast enough for that boy.
Porter and Kandice going for a faster ride.
Kandice and I went for a ride together.

We were laughing so hard that my face hurt. It was so much fun.
I got to ride with Porter and Ryann back to the beach.
The kids all had fun digging and playing in pits.
Hallie taking a sand bath.