Sunday, August 22, 2010

7 Years of Memories

I was working on getting the first year of my blog together to print off and got really worried because I thought some of it was missing. Then I just realized, no lots had happened in the last year, we bought a house and found out we were having a sweet baby girl all in one year!
Now here we are on August 22...7 years ago we were getting married. In our 7 years we have been through a few pets; a hamster, rabbit, sugarglider, a cat, and two dogs. We have been on various trips; Canada, Texas, Yellowstone, Wyoming, St. George, and my favorite Moab.
I Love You Clint! Thanks for 7 wonderful years of memories and many more to come!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last summer we found out our backyard went back another 18 feet. That almost doubled the yard! Clint has been so busy working but he finally had 4 days off in a row and he decided to move the fence instead of rest up from working 2 months straight without a day off. I love my hard working husband:) Clint's dad came over one night when he got off work and helped him dig out the post holes. The next day I was going to help Clint get the post in the holes. We got my friend Mary's daughter to come over and watch Ryann for use. Mary's 13 yr old son was home too and in need of something to do so we brought him over to the house too. That turned out to be the best thing we could have ever done. Jayden was great, he held all the post in place and got all the cement dust in his face when Clint dumped it in the hole...basically he did what my job was going to be. Clint got the whole fence pushed back. It looked great. Then the fun part came, Clint rented a Bobcat and cleared out all the weeds and leveled out what dirt we had. I'm so happy to have my WHOLE yard now. Next year, hopefully we will get some fill dirt moved in to bring the yard up a bit and get some grass laid down. Have to start putting money now towards Ryann's swing set. That was the first thing I thought when I heard our yard was bigger than the fence area, Ryann can have swing set!
Knocking down the old fence posts

Maggie gets a ride too
Maggie running from the Bobcat

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 Months

Ryann is now 3 months. I'm so sad that she is now is size 2 diapers and is in her 3-6 month clothes. Here are her current measurements:
13 lb 9 oz
23 1/4 inches
That is just an ounce shy of gaining two pounds in one month, and she barely got any longer so she is just getting chunkier. She is laughing and smiling all the time. She is loving her bouncer and is figuring out that when she hits the toys they make noise. She just sits and laughs and smiles at the noises. Ryann is turning into a complete mommy's girl. She has started to fuss when other people hold her and when I get her back she stops crying. I keep telling her she is too young to be so particular but I guess she isn't listening.
About two weeks ago Ryann decided she didn't like her pacifier anymore. She does, instead, love her hands. She sucks on them all the time. I try to pull her hand out of her mouth and replace it with a's a no go. She will take her pacifier here and there, but she prefers her hands.I caught her like this the other day, she put herself to sleep by sucking on her thumb.
I love all the positions she falls asleep in. She has slept through the night a lot in the past couple weeks. When she doesn't sleep through the night she only wakes up once. I feel so spoiled. The down side is she doesn't sleep much at all during the day. She starts to get fussier in the afternoon because she is SO tired. She rubs her eyes and you can see the eyelids getting so heavy but she just doesn't give in. I fear she is taking after her dad, she is going to stop napping at 6 months. She certainly takes after me when it comes to getting hungry, she screams.
She's part mom, part dad, and a whole lot of cute.

Opa and Uncle Nathan

My dad spoke at BYU's EFY again this year and after he came to spend the weekend with us. Since Nathan was in Mexico when we blessed Ryann and the rest of the family came out, he came out with my dad. It was great to see them and have Nathan meet Ryann, even though he didn't change a single diaper for me! While my dad was out he also did a fireside for my stake. It was originally just for our ward but then it was opened up to everyone. It was great to get to hear him speak, I have always loved listening to him.
Snuggling with her Uncle Neigh-Neigh. Ryann loved looking at her uncle whenever he talked. She was fascinated by his voice.
Spending time with dad and Opa
Ryann has decided she is too big to lay down anymore. She loves to sit up. Thanks Opa for the Bumbo chair.
It was my dad's birthday while he was out so we got a yummy chocolate cake for it. This year Sally didn't get any!
While Nathan was in Mexico he was obsessed with the black market. He got me this super cute purse for my birthday. It's perfect for my stuff and the a couple of diapers.
Nathan got himself a new snuggle buddy. Maggie loved having him and slept on him every night.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Drool and Jealous Maggie

Loving her Great Grandpa Stewart
Snuggling with dad

This baby can drool!!! It's traveling down the corner of her mouth and there is a puddle on the mat. She can goober my shoulder in no time flat.
Ryann is starting to enjoy her play mat. She gets so excited when she hits one of the toys.
Maggie was definitely having baby jealousy this day. Ryann was playing on the floor and got fussy so I sat on the floor next to her and she cheered up. Maggie got close to me and the more I played with Ryann the further she got into my lap. Don't worry Maggie, I wouldn't ever forget about you.
Ryann's fussy face.
You're still cute to me even when you are crying.

Ryann's Features

My favorite features of Ryann's
Fat roll on the ankles
Fat rolls on the thighs
Long eye lashes
and beautiful big blue eyes