Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Pictures

We went to the County Fair and ran into a friend who was back visiting her family. Her little boy was very interested in Clint's facial hair. It was so cute.
Me and my chunkster
Ryann is smiling and laughing all the time. My favorite thing she does it look up at the pictures on our wall and will just smile and laugh forever at them.
Ryann's first time in her high chair. She would not stop fussing so I decided to just put her in it and see what happened. She loved it. You can tell it's her first time in the chair because I'm still using it to store random things. This kid loves to sit up, and if would do it all the time if she could. She hates laying down. She will be crying because she is laying down and I will then sit her up and she will be happy. She has come to love her Boppy and is starting to like her bouncer. She loves to look at things and is becoming very aware of her surroundings. Laying down does not allow her the view of her world that she wants.
I'm okay with all the growing up because she still loves to cuddle. This is still her favorite cuddle position. The pacifier in her mouth on the other hand is starting to become non existent. She has not liked it so much lately and that saddens me. It was nice to have her take it to help her calm down and get her to last just a few more minutes until I have the chance to feed her. Maybe she will drift back into liking it. Her hands though, she loves them in her mouth!
Ryann loves to watch TV. Last night I was watching Wipeout Couples while holding Ryann so she could sit up. Ryann was loving the show and laughing at it. She also enjoys Hell's Kitchen and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Yes, you read that right...she likes Dog. My friend Mary and her 16 yr old daughter, Katie, were watching her while I was at work. Katie turned on the TV and Dog was on. Ryann immediately turned her head towards it and starting smiling and talking. Katie changed the channel and Ryann started to fuss. Katie changed the channel back and Ryann was happy again. Nothing like loud noises and lots of colors to get Ryann's attention.

Teal, Penni, Leona

As the Young Women's Secretary I got to go with the youth to the temple to do baptisms. It was wonderful to go and feel the spirit and it brought back memories of getting go as a youth. So to my three best friends growing up, Penni-Leona-Teal, I play the "Remember When" game. Remember how when we went we would always put our wet clothes down the laundry shoot and then poke our head in their and watch the people take away the cart? Remember spending SOOOO much time in the bathroom playing the the blow dryers and getting ready again? Life sure had changed. Being in Young Women's brings back memories of all the fun times we had growing up. Thanks for all the memories!


Clint FINALLY had some time off work and we decided to go take Ryann to meet her Great Grandma and Grandpa Greene in Wyoming. She did really well with all the driving but was quite fussy when we got there. She went through the weekend just wanting her mom and was only happy when we were at the hotel. Grandma and Grandpa still got in a couple of good holds.
That would be Sally on the side of this picture. Of course they got to come too!
She did let Grandpa give her a bottle
Trying on dad's sunglasses
We did a tour of the old State Penitentiary where Clint's dad used to work. Clint and I thought the other one had put both the dogs in the bed of the truck. We get there and Clint looks at me and ask, "Where's Sally?" Whoops! She was back at Grandma and Grandpa's. Clint called them and they found her right outside their door. Sally always has to wander before she gets into the vehicle and this time it caused her to get left. Thank goodness she didn't get lost. Maggie got to go on the tour with us and even got locked in a cell. I slacked on the pictures.
Ryann also got her first ride on a golf cart. We went to breakfast Sunday morning at the golf course where her Great Grandpa Greene used to work. Then afterwords he took us for a ride around the course. Once again slacked on the pictures. It was a beautiful course and cool to see all the wildlife: geese, rabbits, dead rattlesnake, and antelope.
But I think Clint's favorite part of the trip was this...
He not only got to look and sit in the car, the dealer let him drive it. And driving the speed limit was not required:)

My Dogs

Sally and Maggie constantly make me laugh. For our birthday I told a friend I wanted her to make dinner for my present. She brought over chicken, rolls, potatoes, and watermelon. It was so good and extra nice to not have to cook or think of what to cook for dinner that night. Well I left the chicken on the counter and I found this scene in my kitchen for honestly about an hour.
Sally knows she can't reach the counter top but she was sure trying. She was trying to will that chicken off the counter to her. Silly puppy.Maggie has to go outside when we go anywhere. I went to put her outside one evening and could not find her anywhere. Of course she does not come when called when she knows she has to go outside and the mention of a "treat" will not get her to come running like it will Sally. But then I heard a noise and walked into the bathroom and found this behind the shower curtain...The things we do to avoid going outside.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mindy did it again! The camera comes out and Ryann decides she needs to fuss, but Mindy has once again has gotten the CUTEST pictures of her.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 Months

We have hit that two month mark. It's hard to believe she is already two months old! That went by too fast!
We are currently weighing in at 11 lb 10 oz and 23 inches long. Her rolls are developing nicely:)
Ryann is smiling and laughing all the time. She is well aware of her surroundings and loves to look around. Whenever she is around her Grandpa Greene and he talks to her she gets the biggest smile on her face. Even I can't get that reaction! One of her favorite things to look at at Grandma/Grandpa Greene's house is the red plaid couches. She turns her head to them and just stares forever at them. She is still really cuddly and if she had it her way, she would spend all day in someones arms. She has now slept through the night 4 times. She is still only waking up one or two times a night. I really likes this especially when I have to work the early shift in Urgent Care. Last night I had her in her crib for the night and when I went to check on her before I climbed into bed she was laying there just smiling, laughing, and talking to herself. It was cute. Hard to be mad she isn't sleeping when she is acting so dang cute.
Just being cute.
Modeling her new sunglasses from Grandma Oehring.
Chilling in her Boppy.
She has started to not like laying on the floor, she prefers the propped up position in her Boppy so she can better see what is going on. Her favorite things to stare at at home are the ceiling fan and the TV.
After her two months shots...before the upset started.
That night for about an hour she would full on SCREAM for a minute and then calm down for another minute, then SCREAM for another minutes, calm down for a minute...and so on. She was not a happy camper after her shots. I thought it would be a long night but luckily she finally calmed down, went to sleep, and had a good night. She was so happy the next day, you would have never know she was so upset the night before. I expected her to be fussy after her shots, but I had no idea she would be like that.
She loves to suck on her hands
Maggie watching over Ryann while she has some play time

Friday, July 9, 2010

Water Slide and some others

More 4th of July family fun!
Monday afternoon we went to the water slide along with Heidi and her kids. Ryann slept on Grandma Oehring while I got to have some fun with the kids and going down the slide. Maci had me go down the slide a good four times in a row. My legs were pretty heavy the last time from walking up all the stairs, but it was fun taking her down.

Priceless smashed sleeping face
Jackson coming down the slide
McKay enjoying the pool with his dad
Jackson jumping off the diving board
Jenny and Everett coming down the water slide
Jackson with his water slide mat
So cute...McKay just loved Kyle. He would copy everything he did.
Kyle was just a big hit that weekend because Maggie was in love with him too. She followed him everywhere, slept with him, and even whined when he left her.Kyle sits up, McKay sits up. Kyle lays on his stomach, McKay lays on his stomach. Kyle lays on his back, McKay lays on his back. It was so funny and cute.
Jackson cuddling with Grandma

Thank you for everyone who came to the blessing and for all the family that flew out. I had fun with all of you, just wish I could have spent more time. Thank you for all the memories.

Cute Ryann

I took these right before we had family pictures done. Ryann was so happy and looking so cute!

Meeting New Cousins and More Reunion Pictures

Jackson and McKay meeting Ryann
McKay loved her
Giving Ryann kisses.
I did catch him trying to share some melon with Ryann, what a sweet heart.
Porter playing with his stroller.
Kyle taking a nap
Cousins at the reunion
Ryann and Grandma Oehring staying warm on the mountain.
Keeping warm

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Reunion

Along with this past weekend being Ryann's blessing, it was also the Clark Family Reunion. I went up all day Saturday and took my family with me so they could spend time with me and Ryann. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day full of seeing extended family, showing off Ryann, and complete with a 4Wheeler ride.
Kyle and me 4Wheeling
We climbed down into Brush Creek Cave.
Levi and Jackson going down
Jason, Me, Kyle and Maggie inside the cave
Levi, Jenny and Jackson in the cave
We took this picture inside the cave where the light was barely visible.
Coming back out
Ryann slept most the day
Snuggling with her Aunt Jenny
Jackson won Super Soakers at the raffle.