Sunday, July 29, 2012


Ryann has been in her Mommy and Me class for a few months. She has learned a lot. Her favorite things to do are hand stands and somersaults. Recently she has started being able to do the somersaults on her own. She has also learned how to jump and get both feet off the ground. Now just to get her to do it when I ask her to during class.
Ryann, being the strong willed child that she is, does not like being told what to do during dance. I try to make her do everything at least once and depending on her mood that day depends on how many more times after that we do it. I do know she is learning though, because at home she does all the things we learned during class.
The first part of class is tumbling.
Crawling through the tunnel.Mrs. Marci helping Ryann do a somersault.
Jumping on the cartwheel blockPutting her hands on the cartwheel block. She is supposed to then kick her feet up in the air and make a donkey sound. They call them "Donkey Kicks". Ryann does these a lot at home...and in the bath tub.
The last part of class they go into the dance room and sing songs. The song they always start with is "Twinkle, Twinkle" and they all get a star. Ryann loves this. She has started singing it and asking for me to sing it to her.

Ryann and Maycee doing the moves for Twinkle, Twinkle.Mrs. Marci is very popular and the girls like to go sit by her.
Recently they started doing a lady bug dance where they get to wear a little lady bug costume. I am quite surprised that Ryann actually will wear the headband during the song.
The last thing the girls get to do is sit on "Big Blue". It starts deflated and the girls get on and sit on it while Marci inflates it. There is a hole in one of the corners and all the girls go and stand in the hole. We have to make the girls take turns since this is a very popular spot.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dance Recital

At the end of May Ryann had a dance recital. Ryann's class is made up of 2yr olds. They first did "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". They all had big plastic stars that they get to dance and do the movements with. Then the stars are put on the floor and they stand on them for the next dance. Ryann's class learned the same dance as the the 3 yr olds. For the recital the 3 yr olds were in the front row with Ryann's class behind them, so that they are copying the moves. During rehearsal Ryann pushed her way up between a couple 3 yr olds and dance her little heart out. For the recital they girls were all supposed to have fake lollipops, which is what they had practiced with, but there weren't enough fake ones so they had gotten some real lollipops. The real ones were given to the 2 yr olds so instead of dancing most the girls just tried to chew right through the plastic to the candy. It was pretty funny.
Ryann loved being on stage, she had no fear, and actually it was hard to keep her off the stage until it was her turn and then it was hard to get her back off.
Ryann and her best friend Maycee
After the recital we took the girls to Farr's to get ice cream.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Ryann!
Ryann got cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast.I had a little friend birthday party for Ryann at the park.
We had Madison, Bailee, Ashton, Maycee, and Lowden come celebrate with us.
Bailee helped Ryann open her presents.

There of course were lots of Minnie gifts, which made for one very happy birthday girl!

After nap time we headed up to spend the evening with Grandma and Grandpa Greene.
Hanging out with Grandpa
A neighbor's cat came over to visit. Ryann was in heaven following the cat around.

Dancing to her own little tune in her head with her juice.
Grandma and a cat, what could be better!
We ended the evening with chocolate cake for the birthday girl!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Salt Lake with Grandma and Opa

My dad had a speaking engagement in Salt Lake so Sunday we all went out to Salt Lake. I was so happy to get to go and spend a little bit more time with my parents. Clint went out with us but once we got there he had to turn around and go back home for work. He did get to go out to eat with us before leaving though. He got a side of Ranch and Ryann enjoyed it too...
That night me, Grandma, and Ryann went swimming in the hotel pool.

Ryann and Grandma had lots of fun.
Ryann would get out and jump into Grandma's arms. Then Grandma would help her over to the stairs and repeat. I was so excited to see Ryann actually kick her feet a few times. Those few swim lessons we did seemed to have stuck.
The next morning we stopped by to see Opa at his conference before heading out to the aquarium.
To say Ryann loved the aquarium would be a HUGE understatement. She had so much fun I was ready to take her back again the next day just to watch her excitement. I wish we lived closer so I could take her more often.
Pointing at a fish.
Checking out the seahorses.
Touching the water in the touch pool.
I touched the stingray, but Ryann would have NOTHING to do with it.
Sea turtle

There was a little kids area with rocks to climb on and small tanks set in them. Ryann loved this area. We had a hard time pulling her away.
Grandma and Ryann watching the penguins. Ryann ran back into this area 3 times. Luckily Grandma kept going back with her to see them.
By the time we went to see the otters Ryann was pretty tired, but she still enjoyed them.
Mommy and Ryann watching the otters.

Grandma and Ryann in the otter den.
I love Cupcake Wars on the Food Network Channel. There was a Utah baker that won, The Sweet Tooth Fairy, so I have wanted to go try her cupcakes. My mom and I checked out the bakery after the aquarium.
I got a Cookies and Cream cupcake and the Cupcake Wars winner Creme Brulee cupcake. Delicious! I definitely loved the Creme Brulee cupcake best. My mom got a couple cookies and they were delicious too. I wish I could have eaten one of everything she made.
Ryann enjoyed her cake pops that Grandma picked out for her.
It was "Baby Animal Season" at the This Is The Place monument, so we went to show Ryann the animals. We have never been to the monument, so we checked out a few of the homes that were available to view too.

All the babies were so cute, but Ryann wanted nothing to do with them. She didn't even like it when I caught them and held them.
Ryann preferred the baby chicks in the cages.
And the plastic cow.
We went back to see Opa after he finished speaking. Grandma and Opa took Ryann to the Disney store and spoiled her. She got a Nemo and Scamp stuffed doll and then Mickey silverware.
Then we went to Temple Square to look at the flowers.
I had so much fun with my parents and was glad Ryann got to spend some more time with them. Thank you mom and dad for a great week with you!