Thursday, May 28, 2009

no more playing with kitty

Clint's not allowed to play with T anymore.
He tried making Maggie's new ball more fun by putting a kitten inside. Maggie was not too interested, nor was Sally.I laughed pretty hard too but I am the one who rescued him...after I took pictures. Nothing a few cat treats can't solve and two seconds later T is purring like crazy again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


My brother finally got pictures posted on his now I'm posting them on my blog. Here is little Justin Michael Oehring. He looks red because his body temperature was low and they had in under the warmer. I can't wait till I get to see him in July.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Justin Michael Oehring

WOOOOHOOOO!!! I'm an aunt again. My brother Jared, his wife Melissa, and their little girl Lindsey welcomed little Justin Michael Oehring into the world at 5:30 am. He is 8 lbs 9 oz. That's all I know for now and I don't have any pictures yet. I wish I could be there to see him now, but I'll just have to wait till my trip to Texas in July. Congrats you guys!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mouse Killer

We are now the owners of a little gray male tabby kitten. We have a large field behind our house and Clint was really worried about mice getting in the house. We talked about it one night and the next day we had a kitten. So far we are calling him Terminator. He's probably only about 2 months old, so he gets to live in the house/main bathroom right now. In a couple months he will become an outdoor cat and keep all alive mice away from our house. Sally and Maggie are quite interested in this little thing we brought home. Sally is quite happy to finally be bigger than someone and Maggie just can't get enough of the kitten. Terminator seems to really like the dogs. Last night he was cuddling with them while we were on the couch watching TV.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I love you mom and can't wait to see you. Thanks for all you have and will ever do for me. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

The Mother's Day card I made this year.

I got my mother in law a nice cake from a new bakery in town that is really good. It was really pretty. Then on the way home Sally put her foot in it. Happy Mother's Day from me, Clint, and Sally's paw. I'm know we will all still enjoy it

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last Wednesday after work, Clint and I took the dogs to a creek to play in the water. We are trying to get Maggie to like the water. She is getting better and this time did not even hesitate to follow Clint across to the other side. Last summer Sally turned out to be quite the water lover. She would happily jump in and swim. Only thing is that she is not made to swim and her bottom end sinks, so she gets to wear a life jacket. She did not disappoint this year. Sally saw Clint cross and so she jumped right in after him. The current pushed her down stream a few feet but she made it just fine. When we were done in the water Maggie once again showed off her amazing jumping skills. She jumped from the ground through the open truck window, no running start, just straight up from the ground. The window has to be a few feet high. That would have been cool to catch on camera, but she doesn't ever seem to want to perform when I want her too.
If Clint goes, then Maggie wants to go too. It's turning out to be a great way to motivate her to go in the water and to get used to it.
Sally in her life jacket. For being a lap dog, she sure thinks she is a rough, tough outdoor dog. It's got a handle on the top to pick her up with. She tolerates it until Maggie starts pulling her around by the handle.
Maggie making it hard for Sally to get back up. Nothing like a little sisterly love.
Maggie is over on the right side barking at the evil swimming noodle. She is very protective. We are quite safe from noodles and cows.
This is supposed to be Clint playing fetch with Maggie, but it turned out to be Clint playing fetch with himself. She doesn't quite like the water enough to go chase a ball yet.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mother's Day Contest

I got an email from my mom for a mother's day contest for a hair makeover that she was intrested in. I put it off for a couple days and then finally during my spare minutes here and there I pieced together an entry for her. It's not the best, but I sure hope it gets her to win, she deserves it!

I have no recollection of any near death situations or life altering traumatic events, but that is what makes my mother so wonderful. That just means that she was always there to watch over me and keep me from harm. There was always a paper sack lunch for school, an "after school snack," and bed time stories. She taught me to sew and helped me sew three formal gowns for high school dances. She taught me responsibility, how to love, and how to be a strong woman. My mom made me who I am today.
When I was about four years ol I split my chin open jumping from couch arm to couch arm. In the ER I screamed and cried for my mommy but they did not like to let parients in while stitching up kids because they usually would become more hysterical. When they let my mom come in, I calmed down. That is what my mom is to me, a constant comfort. She is there to guide me through my hard and painful trials and to love me no matter what I do. I have since gotten married and moved to another state, but I keep close to my mom and she stills gives me the same comfort as she did when I was screaming int he ER at four years old.

I love you mom!!! xo