Wednesday, June 30, 2010


What a week Ryann has had. Last Sunday she woke up with her eye gooped shut. I cleaned it all up and luckily her eye wasn't red. Monday her eye was fine so I didn't worry about taking her into the doctor. Tuesday it started to goop up again so I took her in after I got off. The PA said she has a blocked tear duct and since her eye was goopy he started her on an eye drop. Nothing like having to try to open your 6 week old's eyes and put drops in them. That has cleared up but then she has been having problems pooing regular and you can tell it is bothering her stomach. So I talked with the PA at work again and he put her on a drop to help her stomach. I started that and giving her gripe water for the gas and it seemed to be helping. I like having my happy baby. Poor kid, at 6 weeks old had two prescription medications.
Ryann is becoming a lot more aware of her surroundings. She found this ceiling fan this past week. It's funny to watch her stare at it and try to keep looking at it as I move her around. She loves that fan...and the TV when I am changing her diaper. She did the cutest thing Sunday while Clint was holding her. She was smiling and then he touched her nose and she coo-ed at him and got the biggest open mouth grin. She liked her daddy playing with her.
Maggie's weekly toll for Ryann's things she has chewed: one sock, two pacifiers, and two nipples to her bottles. I was okay with the sock and pacifiers, I just let them go, but the nipples made me mad. I had them on the kitchen counter drying before I went to bed. In the middle of the night I heard her chewing on something. I go to get it from her and it's a bottle nipple! She had gone in the kitchen and stole them off the counter. I have yet to find the second nipple and all that is left of one of the pacifiers she chewed up is the loop on the back. I think we might have some baby jealousy going on.
This kid always has her tongue going

Ryann and mommy (in her scrubs)
Getting ready for bath time
Getting clean
Sad face. The lotion is cold!
Staring at her mobile in her swing
Maggie and her baby. She maybe jealous, but she still loves her.
Watching TV

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Last Friday Ryann looked up at me and coo-ed and smiled. Earlier in the week she had been looking at me and smiling but it would usually be followed by passing gas from one end or the other. When she smiled at me Friday it was different but I was thinking, did she smile at me or was it gas. Then she did it again Saturday, so Friday I am officially calling it her first smile. The above picture is my attempt to get a picture of her smiling. She smiles when she wants to smile so getting a picture of it is hard right now. She has the cutest smile, I love to see it.Ryann all ready for church. I learned how to make the kind of flower she has on her headband.

I went back to work on Thursday. I like my job and the change of pace is a welcome one. I have come to understand what people mean when they say that working makes them a better parent. I appreciate all my time I get with her so much more and I get to reset my patience level. When work is over I can't get to the sitter fast enough, I love being a mom.
Ryann is still only waking up 1-2 times a night. She is waking up only once a night more and more and has now slept through the night 3 times. She's a good baby. She did have her first melt down last night, but to have made it to 6 weeks old without a melt down is pretty good. She has really started to look around. I catch her laying in her crib looking at her bumper. That's a busy fabric so there is lots to see. She loves her mobile and the music it plays. When I change her in front of the TV she turns and looks at it. She does like her pacifier. About half the time I lay her down to sleep she needs to have it to soothe herself. When she does get upset she gets her hand up to her mouth and sucks on her fingers. She is growing and changing so fast but she still loves to cuddle.
As for me, I have a church calling now. I am the Young Women's secretary. I actually am excited for the calling. I think it will be a fun one. I guess time will tell.

Father's Day Visitor

Sunday Maggie found a new friend in the back yard. I heard her barking but was in the middle of cleaning up a dirty diaper and figured she was just barking at the neighbor dogs so I just ignored it. When I walked by the back door I saw her in her kennel barking at something. I just figured it was a piece of trash or a cat dumb enough to come into our yard. When I was done cleaning up, this was an explosion of a diaper, I went outside to quiet her down. When I pulled Maggie back I found this...Maggie had corned herself a prairie dog in her kennel. I got her inside and checked her over for any bites or scratches, there were none. Sally was scratch and bite free too. I went back outside to check on the prairie dog and it was still in the kennel trying to calm down. When Clint got home about 20 minutes later it was still there. He shut the door to the kennel and let Maggie and Sally outside to run around the kennel and bark at it. Clint had his dad bring over the pellet gun and "took care of it". Maggie has spent the last two days furiously sniffing around the backyard to find herself a new friend.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Month Old

Ryann is one month old. That went by way too fast! I took her into work on Friday to get her measurements. This kid is growing!
10 lb 2 oz
21 inches
She put on just about a pound since her two week check up. Ryann is still a good baby. She still only wakes me up two times a night and has even slept through the night twice! She has her fussy moments but they are during the day and usually don't last long. This week she has really been holding up her head longer and with a lot more control. When I lay her on her belly she can even lift up her head and lay it on the other side. Yesterday I laid her down and she started to make new noises, ones that went beyond her normal grunts, groans, and coo-ing. She is staying awake between at least one feeding a day and is slowing starting to be okay with not having to be held that whole time she is awake. She is still a cuddly baby and I am not ready to lose that.
Sally and Maggie have adjusted to having Ryann around. When I walk in the house they have to give the car seat a sniff and see that she is in there. When she fusses they both will go over to her and lick her head. Sally has had a couple more "diaper incidents", I have to walk the diapers right to the trash can otherwise I get busy and she gets them. Maggie has found something else to "eat". I caught her chewing on the arm of one of Ryann's pajamas. What will this dog think of to eat next...oh I know, the frog faucet cover in the bathroom and Ryann's slipper.
I go back to work Thursday. I've been giving Ryann a bottle a day to get her used to them. She only needs a little convincing to take them. I'm surprised at how well she takes them, I didn't think it would be that easy. Now just to get me okay with not being around my sweet baby girl all day.

Clint and I went swimming with his cousin and her 4 kids. Ryann didn't get wet but she still had to wear her swimsuit.
Sucking her thumb
Ryann with her mittens on...the other pair that Maggie didn't eat.Shower gift

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pictures, Diapers, and Mittens

Thank you Mindy so much for doing Ryann's newborn pictures! I love them! Ryann fussed through almost her whole session. Poor kid didn't like being undressed.
Ryann is still being a good baby. She has started staying awake most of the morning but still only wakes me up 1-2 times a night. Last night I went to bed after feeding her around 11 and she didn't get up again to eat until 5:30, I'm considering that sleeping through the night. When I put her to bed the swaddling is over with. She HATES her arms being confined. She has to have them free to flop around and likes them best up by her head. The other day I laid her down on the couch and walked into the kitchen. She started to fuss and get really mad. I walked back in the living room to find that her arm was trapped between the arm of the couch and her body and she couldn't move it. I pulled her arm back up and she was a happy baby again.
Sally has found a new favorite treat...DIAPERS! I have tried to be really good about throwing away the diapers right away so that the dogs don't get them. They have sniffed them but haven't showed any interest in them. Well I changed a diaper and didn't get it in the trash right away. I went and got ready for the day and when I walked back up front Sally was happily eating the dirty diaper. Yum Yum. Maggie has left the diapers alone but she found something else to eat. That same day as the diaper she threw up. I went to clean it up and figure out what she had eaten. Well, she had eaten one of Ryann's mittens that I put on her at night to keep her hands warm. I have yet to find the other mitten.

Newborn Pictures