Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home for Maggie

Clint has talked about making Maggie a dog house for a while, but with the warm summer weather she hasn't needed it and she has one that we bought her. We've tried putting blankets out for her in her current dog house, but the blankets always end up all over the yard with holes chewed in them. I bought her an electric bed when we first moved into the house. To show her appreciation, Maggie pulled it out of the dog house and chewed it all to pieces. We have had two dog beds in the house so a couple of months ago I took one and put it under the picnic table. She has been really good and not torn it completely to pieces. This weekend we were sitting around and I suddenly just said to Clint, "Lets build Maggie a dog house"...so we did. Okay, let rephrase that, Clint built her a dog house, I handed him the occasional nail and measured some of the boards. It's not quite done, Clint is going to shingle the roof, put on some siding, and put on some sort of door to help keep out the cold air. Maggie likes her new house.
The New Dog House
Maggie approves

Sunday, September 6, 2009


On Saturday we had Clint's cousin Heidi and her family over for a BBQ. It was a lot of fun, and our dogs love playing with their kids. Our house is not the most kid friendly house. I have a large Disney movie collection, but I don't have any kids toys or games. So after dinner I pulled out the bubble machine I bought this past Christmas for Maggie and Sally. Sally is scared of it but Maggie loves it. I gave Allie and Macie their own bubbles to blow. Maggie kept running in and out of the house to get me to come out with her so she could show me what was going on. One time when I walked outside I found Macie and Allie on top of the picnic table playing in popped bubbles. It turned into a wet, bubbly, sticky mess but they all had a lot of fun. Maggie had a huge grin on her face after playing with the girls. It was a really fun night. Play with kids and then send them home with mom and dad...just the way I like it.
Macie and Allie blowing bubbles.
Maggie catching bubbles.
Allie with a big bubble mass .Bubbles everywhere!
Everett slept the whole time. He even slept through Maggie and Sally licking his face and belly.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


What a horrible morning. I was pulling out of my driveway and it sounded like I drove over some gravel...then I saw the cat go running into the neighbor's weeds. I go check on him and I can tell I ran over him. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't "finish off the job", so I went to work. My friend, Caroline, had to leave to take her daughter to school so she stopped by my house and checked on him. He was dead. I killed our poor Terminator. I left work and put him in a box. When I get home I'm going to bury him. Honestly, I'm not too sad he is gone, I just feel so incredibly horrible that I hurt him. I was at the end of the driveway when I heard the noise, so he must have tried to run under the car real quick. I know it was an accident, but I still feel horrible
Just the other day I was cleaning up the bathroom where his food is and found three grasshoppers. It was like he was stock piling them to play with them later.
Go catch all the grasshoppers to your hearts content in kitty heaven Terminator.

Baby Lion's Back

We had to do one more challenge before the day was over. It's a quick trail but fun.


Saturday we did the whole Fins-N-Things trail. It took a few hours but it was worth it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This past weekend we went to Moab with our friends Mark, Kelly, and their little guy Kian. We had a ton of fun. We took the dogs out with us and they had fun too. The list of things I want to do in Moab just continues to grow each time I go out. Definitely need to make more than one trip a summer out there. We stayed at the KOA in their cabins. They were small, enough room for the double bed and twin bunk beds, but they were air conditioned and had a place to sleep so that was all we needed. The roof came down really low and I managed to walk into it once and then stood up under it and smack my head. Next time I'll need to bring some foam to pad all the sharp corners, or just wear a helmet all day.
Clint packed up the truck the night before. Maggie and Sally made sure they didn't get left.

Clint and Mark went for a ride down Porcupine.
Our Jeep had that sticker on the back of it.

Mark and Kelly's Jeep had a name...ROXY

We got our jeeps Friday night and took a quick ride down part of Kane's Creek.

Clint driving up rocks.

Kian at breakfast drinking his orange juice. He put the whole mouth of the bottle in his mouth. That kid is too cute!

Mark and Kelly had to run back to camp to get something, so we drove up the first climb on Hell's Revenge and waited for them.
After a full day of jeeping, we found a creek to cool off in.
Clint and Kian playing in the water.
Sally and Maggie taking a swim to cool off.
Maggie got in the water and swam all by herself.
Sally drying off in the sand
Playing in the willows
We lost our white dog and got a little tan dog.
Clean Maggie
Dirty Maggie
Sally tangled herself up...and pulled her collar tight.

Sally does not win the Smart Award. She got her tail tangled in the barbwire fence. Just because you fit somewhere doesn't mean you should go there.

Tired dogs. I finally got a picture of them cuddling.