Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ryann is 2

I am always amazed at the wonderful pictures my friend Mindy gets of Ryann even when she acts this way..

 I pulled out a sucker to try to sweeten her up, but contrary to the cute pictures, it didn't help. So we rescheduled for the weekend.
My dad came out that weekend and Ryann was all smiles for him.
Ryann loved holding the cherries off Mindy's tree.
Ryann loves her Opa.
No one told Ryann to do this, she did this all on her own.
Happy birthday Ryann!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Maycee and Ryann

These two are such cute friends. They have had lots of fun together this summer.
Ryann and Maycee have played together lots, but this was the first time they played with something together.
Playing house
Maycee loves bracelets.
We had play groups with a few friends and these two still loved just being together.
Yup, they are pretty dang cute together.
Squirting each other with water bottles
I got the girls Princess Super Hero Capes.
It is really hard to get a picture of two 2yr olds together with their capes.
Maycee feeding baby.
Good-bye kisses

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Summer Fun

This summer we had lots of barbeque's with friends...

Playing at the Clines's house
Having fun getting sprayed with the hose.

Played with cousins...
Ryann and Katelin
Celebrated birthdays...
Kiara's b-day
Boone's b-day came complete with the neighbor's kitten visiting.

Ryann feeding the kitten Doritos; and yes, the kitten did eat them.

Ryann followed the kitten all around the yard.

Kitten checking out the pool.That is one brave (or dumb) cat for getting so close to the water with mischievous kids all around.

Maycee and Ryann loved the kitten.
Found new hiding places...
In the bookshelf
Behind the couch
Experimented with toys
Playing in her tent with the dog chew ring.
Tug-of-war with Sally
New way of playing with her baby buggy.
Had me put a diaper on her monkey and then tried to clip its nails.
Ate yummy foods...
Chocolate face. It was plate licking good.
Is there any better way to get cleaned up?
Tried out new shoes...
and CamelBaks.
It was a great summer.